Act not to react "

in GEMS5 months ago

We need to take charge of our life, for that we must act so as not to react. The reaction is one action after another, which, in most cases, was not generated by you and, therefore, you can only react, that is, respond.


When something happens to us, we often need to react, because at first we didn't have an action and what we have left is just the reaction. The ideal would be to choose to make a decision to act in the face of the facts and not expect a reaction, however, most of the problems we experience could be avoided if we understood the difference between acting and reacting, but unfortunately we failed in this requirement.

The difference between acting and reacting is a little complicated, since acting is a calm, serene attitude and free from emotional or sensory triggers, that is, it is something simpler than one thinks, in contrast, reacting is something we do impulsively. , and this is often not good.

Life is all about choices, so either you act or you need to react sooner or later, there is no escape "

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So true, we’re used to reacting all the time and that’s where things get ugly. Do you manage to do this? To always keep the action paced to not fall behind?