Worth a jump into the green bio water

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Started here and arrived at the top a gorgeous day! Natural baths use no chlorine or other chemicals, here for today Switzerland's first public bio swimming pond opened in 2000.





worth a jump also into the green river




Have a great Weekend!


Wow so beautiful

Many thanks!

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Thank you so much!

You're welcome @almi, that's with pleasure! 😊🌹
BTW, it would be much appreciated if you support our proposal so we can continue our work!
Thank you!

What a beautiful place! I especially liked the first one, it was so beautiful and refreshing! I prefer no chlorine myself and is that a series of lakes or one big on partitioned off?

I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want to swim with the lily pads. :) But, the green one looks like the water would be soft on my skin. I hope you had a good day. I wish I had a spa just a little bit closer to me! It was great going with you!

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