The most expensive cities in the world

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Zurich has always been considered an expensive city, 2020, however, life in the Swiss metropolis has turned out to be more expensive than almost anywhere else; only in Paris and Hong Kong citizens have to spend a similar amount of money. This is confirmed by the latest ranking of the "British Economist regarding the cost of living worldwide". 2019, Zurich is still ranked at number fourth, 2020 is also the result of the strong Swiss franc. Followed this year by: Singapore, Tel Aviv, Osaka, Geneva, New York, Copenhagen and Los Angeles.






A stroll today along the Zurich lake with a lot of snow.


Have a great Day!


Yes, I'm at one of the more expensive place in the world and we don't have snow.

Yeah Singapore, but you still have summer I think so, thanks a lot!

Some people think we have summer all year round. Sometimes we say rain or no rain. Others say it's hot or hotter.

Ah we stopped in Zurich for a layover when we were going to Italy. We didn’t get to leave the airport but we did enjoy some delicious Swiss chocolate :D