painting portrait of a fighter girl in photoshop

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painting portrait of a fighter girl in photoshop

hi , this is my painting and study digital art in photoshop
a fighter girl , we all fighters who trying to live in this world , world is so scary sometimes , and the future is unknown, best thing is to focus on the present moment ,
hope you like this painting


screenshots of photoshop to show steps
i inspired by this free image for my painting


Screenshot (1372).png

Screenshot (1373).png

Screenshot (1374).png

Screenshot (1375).png

Screenshot (1376).png

Screenshot (1377).png


I do like the painting, great work.
A fighter girl, i like the theme too.

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Awesome work as always ... are you still on Blurt ? It jumped 188 % today.
I’m doing ok here on NERDAY :
But much better on Blurt. Big Curation there if you power up 100%


thank you so much offgrid , i have a problem with blurt , get an error on ,

They are doing some upgrades. You can use