The Kite Runners

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Where is kite flyer there is a kite runner, that what I thought when I saw a couple of village boys sticking around the field waiting for the kite touching the ground. It was not just about running but it was about quality time having fun with their folks, and seeing them running around the field threw me to the past. As a village boy, after the harvest season ended, I and other friends used to be kite runners, fetching kites from somewhere and giving back to the owners.


It appears this boy is watching over the kites that were about to go down and be ready to run after them.


Finally, he made it. I saw he ran faster to fetch the kites and sometimes they had to cross other villages.


I believe, he was quite happy with the catch and he would get some money for his effort.


Seemingly, they plan on something or making small talk about the possible way to run the kites.


CameraNikon D7000
CategoryPeople Photography
LocationKandang, Lhokseumawe Aceh-Indonesia
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