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Hi fellow Hiveians,

Today I wanted to work on something that I’ve been meaning to look at and transform. I think I’m up to 6 draft posts lol I tend to think of something and just make it as a draft and come back to it later. Surprisingly this one was only in my drafts folder for a couple days before I was able to sit down and delve into the details!

All of the information I have collected here can be found on the Coin Gecko website. If you don't use Coin Gecko, I highly recommend using it! Someone recently (Acidyo I think it was) coined the funny name for Coin Market cRap (instead of Cap) that many people tend to use. Let's get Coin Gecko more attention! Coin Gecko


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24 Hour Exchange Pairings

I've been playing around with the different ways to visualize the different exchange pairings are buying and selling hive as well as what the exchange pairings are. You should let me know if you learned something from seeing this data in this manner, I can tell you that I absolutely did!

This visualization below is called Packed Bubbles. It's a bit harder to see the differences in ones that are similar to each other like all those Hive/USDT pairings for the various exchanges. It still is a pretty nice visual tool to see what pairings are common and what the sizes of those pairings are. I left the numerical values of the pairings out of the bubbles so you could see it as a visual representation rather than a raw numerical one.


So this one was a bit of a cooler way to see the pairings. This one is called side by side circles. For me it was an interesting way to see that we are exchanging most of the liquid Hive with USDT but that makes sense because there are a lot of people outside the United States are using Hive and keeping it pegged to 1$ plus or minus a penny or two is pretty stable. I definitely learned something from that one as I was personally thinking that most of the Hive exchanges were done in Bitcoin.


This one is called a "Heat Map" and it's similar to the big circles in the first Viz but this gives more of a color component to it. The darker the green, the higher the 24 hour volume.


Top Exchanges

These next few are ones that were listed under the numbered rankings of exchanges. It isn't clear what causes an exchange to be a higher number than others according to their algorithm but that's how it was organized.

A bit more of a plain way to visualize it but still provides some decent components. This is looking at the prices and overall volume that each exchange and pairing is doing. Binance is exchanging a lot of Hive for USDT, compared to the previous charts where it was Huobi Global that was doing a lot of it.


Another one that is kind of shitty to look at but it makes me curious. I wasn't able to find out what it meant but can someone explain what it means for token price for -2% depth and +2% depth? Is that the volume of people selling it or buying it respectively? I wasn't able to find a clear answer to that question when I was looking it up on the interwebs. There was some pretty substantial volume moving with these depths but again, it means nothing if it isn't explained. LEARN ME PLEASE.


Gecko Visualization

Just playing around randomly with some things on the Coin Gecko (@coingecko if you're curious if they are on here!) website! This site has some crazy functionalities that I haven't even begun to understand yet. I might be able to delve into it in a future iteration of these but boy was it cool to look at! There are all kinds of cool tools available on there that were pretty fancy. I was enjoying messing around with them but haven't the slightest clue as to what they represent. Lots of good data points on here though so it's a topic for future analysis.


So that's it for today's chunk of Visualizations. I would appreciate any feedback you have! Was this interesting? Was it useless? Let me know and I can take constructive feedback on things to improve. I want to try to post more Viz topics every week or so but it depends on my workload. Thankful that I got to this one faster than I expected!

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We need a site like that tied to Hive. How cool would it be to get our price feeds through a UI like Leofinance?

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Thanks for checking it out! I agree that it will be really cool to have it rolled into something already built and working well like Leo finance. I’m not completely familiar with the UI there, I use their Hivestats service very regularly but I haven’t explored the hive price component of it. I’ll have to check it out to see if there’s more to be desired with that!

Yeah there is a feed across the top of Leofinance but that is just a feed. It would be great if something similar to Coingecko, at least at the core, could be done on here.

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This looks really good and useful. Yes, it would be awesome have these handy visualization graphics on @leofinance

Thanks for stopping by my friend! I will be checking out leo finance tomorrow to see what you folks are looking at! I think it might be a feasible API to configure.

yeah, it would be great if the dev team behind leofinance create something like this or provide a platform to users to submit data viz like yours.

I'm slowly learning things like this so I will eventually be able to craft it. I don't think it would be at a time that the LF people wouldn't already have accomplished it though lol