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Hi fellow Hiveians,


Here's a picture of my lowest resource credits since I probably joined Hive (steem) 2+ years ago! lol love claiming free account creation tokens with my hive power! I always try to stay as far away from 100% resource credits as I can!


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So the month of August was a bit of a slower month for me I think. Can be pretty evident given that we are often busy in the summer and trying to do a lot of things besides posting here on Hive! In typical fashion though, I've procrastinated a bit on this particular post lol.

One thing I've noted is my curation APR has gone down! Ahh! I'm not too worried about it though, I'm just glad that I haven't gone down below 1 curation HP per day. I'm very often close to or over 2 which is great! I'm looking forward to the day where I'm saying that I'm never under 2.


Was still nice to see the steady climb of my hive power in the month! I think 180 hive is an all time high for me as far as author rewards so that was awesome! I also had a solid day in the middle of August where I made a bunch of hive! That's pretty cool.


Looking at my curation, I am liking that I have a few posts at over 300% efficiency in my curation. I also gave out 7.5$ in votes with my meager little votes. If that's not awesome I don't know what is! I’m hoping I don’t see a significant dip in September, I’ve been pretty wiped out lately so I’ve gone down on my curation and engaging game lately.


Not sure why I grabbed this specific screenshot, maybe to highlight one of my good curation hauls but it's not my best one of the week, oh well lol



Let's see what it looks like when using the PeakD interface. I still enjoy the different ways they visualize the data!

Yikes we can definitely see my drop in curation for the beginning of September lol oops. Still decent I think!


Here’s some more consistent spikes in hive power rewards that I’ve been getting. It’s got to do with me doing more posting but also with me posting content that gets some decent attention like my data visualization posts. Those have decent receivership! Very much appreciated so I can get more for my curation initiatives!


This is one hell of a pie chart that I like to see. Lots of votes to lots of different people! I think this is my best spread over a months time. Liking the diversity!


I’m so close to hitting 40 replies in a day! Hopefully I can cross that barrier at some point soon. Still keeping my posts to 1 or less a day. I don’t see the need for my interests, to post more than once a day unless on a rare occasion.


If you check out the PeakD website, let me know what one of your stats is! One that I like to see is the outgoing votes, let’s see who’s got a lot of diversity in their voting habits!

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@frankscoms would nerd out over this stuff!

@frankbacon HIVE.D arTest.jpeg

That your new account? Or a friend? I’ve seen the account posts recently! If you like data, my data viz community could use some more posts!

Shared on twitter with some good non-crypto/hive tags!

Hmm does the posh bot post the comment for me?? Lol I don’t mind that!

It's always good to keep track of where you're at...Not from an egotistical perspective, but to keep focused on goals. The same can be said here. Good stats, keep it up!

Yeah I’m trying to keep on target for getting to 10,700 hive power by the end of the year. It seems I go through ebbs and flows of thinking I’ll hit it or not. Days where I feel lazy like recently I question if I can do it lol

You'll get there, just take small bites, follow your plan and it'll happen. If not, and you get close to the target, then that's ok too. It's supposed to be fun too, so keep it that way and the "work" won't seem as hard, or onerous. Keep it up man.

Your record/stats so far as shown above is very good. Love the direction you are heading towards

Thanks for checking it out! It’s getting there. I want to see what I can do by skipping a few growth posts and then do one at the end of the year. Hopefully will have some significant changes!

Fast approaching the 10k levels, gotta keep milking the chain while the settings good, as that yearly inflation, keep cutting its going to keep getting harder

Yeah? I haven’t been keeping up with that type of info, how much will the inflation get cut next year?

If I'm not mistaken it cuts by about 0.5% per year so I think it should be around 7% next year

Oh yeah I think I recognize that, so not a bit hit for me lol but yeah it’s still considerable. I’m hoping to hit 15k hive power by my third anniversary, a little over 4 months after the year starts. Let’s see if I can get to that lol

Solid stats man and thanks for your support! Well, summer was busy for all of us judging from the low engagement and curation on Hive statistics from Arcange and Penguinpablo!

There is also the new HF coming so my guess is that the accounts who hold a ton of HP are busy testing out things, that's why they don't curate as they used to!

Thanks for sharing dude!

Yeah true I didn’t think about that aspect, I should check out the things put out by those guys. It’s good to see the fluctuations!

You’ve got my support man! I love giving you and anyone you share at least a little vote. Helps get those curation rewards up there slowly but surely! Appreciate the support you e given me for sure as well.


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