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RE: Newbies Initiative: April Batch - Iniciativa de Novatos: Lote de Abril

in hivemexico2 months ago

i read about this @starstrings01 initiative and it feels like Adopt a plankton i try to carried a while back but so much better, i want to help out with it as much as i can so let me know how i can be of help =)


Hi vic.. To be honest, I got the idea from you but added a few of mine into it. I felt it was something I could do to contribute to the community and that also keep me active on Hive.

it is an amazing initiative and so much better than adopt a plankton cause it last longer so it helps better the new users what you do is awesome!

Thanks so much.. I really do appreciate it.

All help is welcome! Thank you @victoriabsb, and thank you for sharing on Twitter.