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Hello Splinterland warriors!

Here is my participation in the weekly battle challenge hosted by the Splinterlands team thanks for the great support and arranging these challenges for us on weekly basis.


Rarity: RARE
Element: WATER
ABILITIES: Heal at level 1; Dodge at level 5

So this week monster from the beta edition of water family The water elemental which is a good card with lots of abilities like healing, doge and a powerful range attack that would give you more winning chances in the close range and poison ruleset where all monster gets the poison effect.





In the battle line i will explain each card one by one that i used in the specfic position along with the water elemental card in the 2nd last position to fight against the enemy monsters.


Well, the water elemental belongs to the water family so i went for the ALRIC STORMBRINGER an old magician with the ability of magic attack to boost the magic attack of all your friendly monsters to kill the enemy team easily and aim to target the life of enemy monsters instead of the armors.


Well, the SEA MONSTER lies in the water family and a well known monster because of its powerful melee attack and healing ability and one more ability which is thorn that you can get at level 6 so when an enemy monster with melee attack on this monster it will damage back with thorn aility.

In the second position, i used the common monster wave runner with reach ability that you can get from the quest and season end rewards so you can easily upgrade to your max level like i did it level 5 in gold foil that works better for me in the melee attack ruleset to attack on the 2nd position.

In the third position, here is one more common monster the CRUSTACEAN KING with healing ability to heal your first friendly monster each portion when damaged by the enemy team so it can easily restore the life of your friendly monster. Also you can get the armor ability from this monster at level 6 but i did not upgrade it yet to level 6 and using at level 4 in gold foil edition.

The main monster of this week battle challenge is here the water elemental which is a nice range attack monster would be useful in the close range attack ruleset. However, here i used it in this monster because there were no magic monster in this battle so i used mostly the range attack monster so i put it in the first before other range attack monster like naga windmaster and tower griffin to restore its heal when it is in the first position. Watch the battle that how it works when my other monsters died and only the naga wind master and this one gave me winning.

Well, becaue there were no magic attack so almost my enemy team will also use the range attack monsters in the team so i used the naga windmaster to reduce one range attack from all the enemy monsters and also the enemy team used the protection monster to increased the armor of all monster so this monster can easily break all the armor in to pieces with one attack.

In the last position i used the Tower Griffin which is a neutral rare monster to protect your all monster with adding armor to all friendly monsters. I used this because to add the armor to all friendly team because the sea monster with no armor is a useless and can be killed easily so with protection it can not be killed easily.

Did your strategy work?

YES ! my strategy work well for me with the use of water elemental that lasts at the end of battle and naga windmaster killed all the remaining monster to give me a victory.

All images are from the Splinterlands website

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Great job!
Your posts always look so nice! -carrieallen

Thank you carrie for the support and stopping by <3