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Hello Splinterland warriors!

Here is my participation in the weekly battle challenge hosted by the Splinterlands team thanks for arranging this challenge for us. However, i did not participate in the last challenge and i missed the chance because of late entry so still there are few hours remaining in the current challenge so i am taking part in it.



Edition: UNTAMED
Rarity: EPIC
Element: EARTH
ABILITIES: Snare at level 1; Piercing at level 4; Shatter at level 6

This weeks monster is one my favorite monster from the untamed edition and belongs to the earth splinter the great MITICA HEADHUNTER and a well known card from its powerful range attack that aims to hit the first enemy monster and finished it quickly.





In the Battle line up, i will be sharing all the strategey and will explain all the monsters one by one that i used in the specific position with 27 Mana Cap and two ruleset.


A Beautiful lady from the earth splinter Named LYANNA NATURA is a rare earth summoner that ruled on all earth monsters and providing one extra life to all his team so that it gives sometime better chances to win the battle with one extra life ability. However, LYANNA NATURA is from alpha/ Beta edition that cost only 3 mana cap in the battle field but a wonderful card that take less cards to be upgraded as compared to the untamed edition.


In the first position, the Flesh Golem is a great monster to fit in the first position and fight against the enemy monsters and also restore its health in each portion so this monster one of the great monster that take less mana only 6 MANA CAP that you can also use in the less mana like 12 or 13 Mana Battles.

In the second position, a from shape monster name GOBLIN SORCERER is a common monster with low mana Cap and magic ability work nice in the battle field to hit the back line of enemy monster and weak them with its magic attack at each portion. Also, this is a nice monster that you can use in the low mana battles to target the last enemy monster with its magic attack.

In the third position, For missing one chance of the enemy monster and filling the space to adust all the field and position i used the furiouus chicken as it does'nt take any mana Cap so better to use it to miss one chance of the enemy team and also sometimes it can also give damage to the first enemy monster.

Well, for applying the silence ability on enemy monster with magic attack ability this monster is one of the best to leech the one magic attack from all the enemy monster so they can give less damage to my friendly monster and also it apply the poison effect on the enemy monsters when attacking on them.

So the Mana Cap was 27 i choose the little mana monster to adjust the mana and use the healer also so this is a great card that you can use in low mana battles as well as high mana battles but gives you the healing ability that will restore the healing of your first friendly monster each portion. KHMER PRINCESS is a rare monster that i recently upgraded to unlock its healing ability with its 2 MANA CAP and one magic ability.

Last but not the least and here is the main monster of the this week battle challenge the great MITICA HEADHUNTER that can easily kill the enemy monster with its powerful range attack and applied some nice abilities on that monster like in the earth quake ruleset this monster will give you the benefit of applying snare ability that will remove the flying ability from the enemy monster.



Here is the result of my battle where you can see the victory with the MITICA HEADHUNTER.

All images are from the Splinterlands website

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Thanks for sharing! - @marianaemilia

Beautiful its Mitica gold foil, the Gelatinous Cube with so many hit points looked like a chicken in the face of her gigantic damage. Congratulations. Please, next time comment on the battle strategy to get a bigger upvote.