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Hello Splinterland warriors!

How are you all i hope you will be fine and blessed i am here to share some thought about the new untamed airdrop card that recently revealed but not yet issued to the investors means that who bought packs they will get this card as a reward of investments sounds good.



The BEATRIX IRONHAND seems a perfect card for the earth splinter with its epic rarity that looks good with enough mana and lives to give you some strong and powerful abilities same like the mitica headhunter but this one seems more better and awesome with some nice abilities like the thorns and cripple.


Well, in the stats you can get all the info related to this card like mana cost, range attack, speed, life and its abilities at different levels. Like at level one you can get the new ability that and at level 3 the thorn ability which is a good one against for enemy sneak monsters to give damage back to that enemy monsters. However, i am currently waiting for this card to get it from the airdrop then i will share some more thoughts on it because i did not used it yet not yet issued to us so can't say more about this card just explaining the abilities of this card.



Well, i have 600 packs eligible for the airdrop so as they mentioned in their post that every 65 packs bought by the users will get one BEATRIX IRONHAND guaranteed so i will get almost round about 5 to 6 BCX or more that is a good return of my investment because i bought the dec when it was trading at 0.002 so i bought 1m dec tokens at that time with round about 2500 steem/hive so its seems a good return at this time.

However, almost the packs are about to end only 466 packs are left to getting this airdrop and i hope with in few hours the remaining packs will also be finished soon. so if you want to get this card from the airdrop still you have a chance to buy packs at least 65 pack to get one BCX gauranteed other wise you will get it by your luck if you have less packs.

By the way, if you want to invest at this stage to get the airdrop then i think this is a not good time for you to invest in the packs for getting the airdrop because you already missed the chance to get some mighty legendary summoner as i also missed the chance of getting the first 6 cards but still happy that i got the recent two legendary summoners.

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