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RE: Hive Italia

in Olio di Balena4 months ago

very good points here, I totally agree Hive needs to build on bringing in existing Influencers to draw in a wider audience. I think there are many challenges for the platform, but it is important for all stakeholders to take an interest - like you have in this post and present real ideas for increasing the value of Hive for all our benefit.

Social sharing is exponentially important for any sort of business nowadays, and I believe the @fullalt team are making excellent progress with #altyes browser plugins and mobile app to easily share online content as a Hive post, along with #hivetips to give Hive rewards to Hive users who have tweeted something of value.

Thank you for starting an excellent discussion, I hope we will see more of our Hive stakeholders join in with you.


Yeah influencers are crucial, people tend to trust vloggers and youtubers more than bloggers and writers, that's why we need to build outside connections and grow Hive awareness.