What/who is pumping Doge

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It is heartbreaking that many of us got dogecoin as a tip back in the years but what did we do with it? we tipped it away too and sold it at a very cheap price, if only we know that it is our fortuned we are tipping away lol..

I remember i had like 12 000 dogecoin which i was tipped in tip c server, i also tipped all to friends and members of cities in discord, if i had kept those doge, i will be counting millions in my currency right now as that gives 4000 dollars plus but it is what it is, regret and heart break is something that can never end on crypto...

Sometimes you sell a coin and regret selling it when it pumped more and other times, you keep a coin and it dip then you regret not selling it when it was high, so wailing never ends but choose your wailing smartly..

This morning i saw doge at 0.23 i refused to buy the top so i ignored then hours lter when i checked it was trading at 0.4, i was not impressed and wanted to buy it but once again i controlled myself, i don't want to be a community member and am glad i didn't buy at such a rate because it dipped and went down to 0.32 again but it may be retracing to surge once more.

One thing i have learnt about this market is that it is a game of patience and only those who are patient eat the fattest bone here, my journey continues!



Doge price has really broke down the heart of many, who have still hold that they are now having a good profit who knows maybe this is just the beginning of that.

I have around 3900 I sold all at the last pump

oh you missed the recent pump