Love songs are just songs until we experience heartbreak

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The saddest part of life is when the person who gave us the best memories becomes a memory, it is so hard to forget the face of someone who used to be the reason for your smile, those days of fun and laughter never fade away but made us wish the person is still with us...

It hurts when friends become strangers, they don't even think about the effect their strange behaviour will have on those they left behind, years of friendship is not easily forgotten, they may be quiet but they bears the pain of longing for their dear ones day and night, wishing they never left, wishing there was never a misunderstanding..

Hurt me with the truth, clear rejection is always better than some fake promises, don't promise me forever if you are going to leave me for a slight mistake or when you see someone better..

Addiction is not something one can get rid of in a day, friendship is so intoxicating, the smile, touch, stares, laughter and words get you so drunk that you forget who you are, you forget everything except the person who get you addicted...

I don't need to write 1000 words to pass my message, love needs no words, it is a matter of the heart

As you read this, there is a face right in front of you, who is that person you miss?

Stay strong, when love leaves, another will come, we only live and die once so don't waste time crying over someone who you love but in love with someone else or someone who you used to love eachother but left because of misunderstanding, give love another chance, let someone else fill that empty space...



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Lovely write up btw, dont need much word to express my impress

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