Good and bad days


Life is like a coin, it has two sides,the top and bottom, the good days and the bad one, there is no way you won't experience both, what matters is how you take it..

Sometimes you will feel like the happiest person on earth and within a few minutes the happiness will vanish and you will become so sad, even you will wonder how come the happy you suddenly becomes gloomy..

Changes happen every minute and it is caused by factors around us, situations changes our mood and there is no way we won't see or hear things that changes our mood

People around you also determines your mood so try to be around positive people, people that can make you laugh and happy without doing anything

Learn to be contented with what you have, many people are depressed because they are worried about what they do not have and turn a blind eyes to good things they own

No matter how rich you are, if you are not contented, you can never be happy..

Happiness doesn't cost a thing,if you want to be happy,do not crave for worldly things,they will only make you take steps you never planned to take


Great post sir as always thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts
indeed good and bad day are two state we should enjoy of them. good day are rewards and bad days are lesson to us