Are your dreams big enough?


The journey of a thousand miles start by getting a good shoe but that is not all that is needed, you also need a road map in order not to lose direction or be misled by the various kind of people you are going to encounter on your way... we must be very prepared and also be dedicated as there will be many obstacle on the way to our destination....

If you want to achieve something, you must draft a plan, get good tools and also focus on it to achieve your target and to build your energy towards this dream, find a reason which will always motivate you not to give up even when the goal seems impossible or hard to achieve and that is the best way you can make it happen.

2021 made me realize the ocean is very wide and there are so many fishes inside and one doesn't need to hunt down a particular fish daily but can try out different fishes and can even catch a whale if one is very lucky but before this year, i have been into only hive and that kinda slowed me down until recently i figured out i can also try out other coins and the cryptocurrency world is indeed a large space...

if you want to be successful in life, make sure the business you are doing or the skills you are learning is what you like or have a passion for, it won't be like you are actually working but seems you are having fun daily doing the task and the more you do something, the better you become..

You are not yet serious if your goal doesn't scare you, dream big and try to achieve the impossible, at the end of the quest, if you don't get your target atleast you will still achieve something worthwhile..

My goals for the year 2021 is big but i believe in God, if i can't achieve all, i am definitely going to achieve most of it!



indeed sir there are really more option here to earn at that is really great , thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts.

learn daily new things that is the way to success and reach to the goal 😁🙏