Coffee: The Most Important Meal of the Day

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Most everyone who knows me is very well aware of my complete and utter love affair with coffee. There are many forms of coffee that I like, but my favourite is, by far, the most simple form I have discovered to date: hot, bitter, and black. (Yes, insert your own jokes here)

Somehow I have only recently discovered this community. Certainly there need to be more coffee lovers out there, and I think it's time to begin to pull them all together.

My contribution to today's coffee talk is a post idea I've been mulling over for some time: Coffee: The Most Important Meal of the Day.

Coffee  The Most Important Meal of the Day  Copy.png

Really, prove me wrong.

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I can only argue with wine 👌😏

I've got wine memes to create, too!

 2 months ago 

Oh, I love this meme! Great job! 😁

Thank you! 😀

It is very true for me your perception about coffee, I also love coffee.

It's a precious thing, coffee is!

Aaaaaahhhh yes, that first sip in the morning! The aroma floating through the air! What a great way to start the day!

It is! It makes the mornings worth getting up for! I'm the only one in the house who drinks it (and I'm usually the first one up), so I don't ever get the enjoyment of waking up to an aroma filled house. I'll sometimes stick my face over a steaming hot cup and enjoy the smell that way. 😂

My wife is allergic to waking up early (grin!) so I'm the early bird and I have to admit that I've been slacking off for the last few months..... Used to grind the beans fresh in the morning and now with all of the COVID challenges, we've been using .....Kirkland pre-ground! Man I tell you COVID has messed up so much in my life!!!