My Black n' White Beauties and Scooby Funny Story

in Dogs4 months ago

Have a nice day everyone! I would like to present my black and white beauties: Heart and Francine! That's Antonia cuddling them. She loves to cuddle then on our couch while playing her favorite "One Piece Movie Series".


At night, they both know where to go. They would cry, trying to catch the attention of Antonia.


I provided them an old wooden box as their resting area. They would eat together and sleep together. By the way, they're the daughters of Sweet.


I find it so funny when I woke up and saw Scooby invaded their territory! See he contented himself just to fit in that small box! Well, the two were sound asleep on the couch.

I would say, when the two additional members of the family came, Scoooby felt a little left behind as he would assert himself to catch our attention as well. They're like humans!

Scooby is still 4 months old but he's too big for his age. I guess he's a big dog. He's the exchange of our barter trading against 1kilo of dressed chicken!

Online barter trading became the latest trend in our place during this pandemic. It started with different plant collection in various species up to food supplies and all sorts!

For now, the three furry beauties will be enough.

Thank you for dropping by, and keep safe everyone!


So you have 3 beautiful dogs. I'm sure they will brighten your days.

Oh yes! They follow me wherever I go so am careful when am in the kitchen because there was a time when I almost step on the black one. We also have one shitzu. Lablab is already 8 yrs and didn't want to mingle with them.

That's wonderful ! Dogs are wonderful animals.

Indeed. I have read something about dogs, that God created the dogs because they will be with you till their last breath. Once you own them, they will never leave you because you're the only one they have.