What do you think of Communities beta? Leave your feedback


Community's Beta has been around for a while and if you haven't used them yet check out my tutorial.

By now, I hope you have had a chance to check out the beta site and played around with Hivemind Communities.

What do you think?

What would you add?

What don't you like?

What do you like?

I am a big fan of the new community features and can't wait for them to move over to production. I believe we need a lot more users to really see the benefits of communities.

I believe ownership and membership are very strong bonding emotions and this is exactly what communities encourage. Having a community that you care about and feel part of helps foster engagement and content creation. Something we can use a lot more of to be honest.

Leave some comments below what you think of Communities, how you would change them if you could or better yet, make a new post with all your ideas and post it in the Community Feedback Community.

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I think it is not bad.

i have a look every now and then. Feel more comfortable on main steemit site still.
Where do you see where your voting manna is?


There is currently no way on site, I hope this changes, but I can pass this on.


I like that notifications are back, but I wish the page would refresh when I click on it. Instead I have to refresh the page manually.
*maybe that is user error?

I like the communities, but it is hard to find them by topic.

I like the changes, but without SMTs, it isn't as fun as I thought it would be.

We are moving in the right direction though.

I believe that is going to be fixed. There are a lot of issues in different places where it doesn't refresh data properly, like if you log out and login with another user, it still shows the communities of the old user even if you navigate around, only when you refresh does it fix it. I think these issues maybe fixed with polishing phases.

Awful UI, just as steemit.com

I heard @steempeak will be adding communities on their front end soon.

if you want to you can check the beta here https://beta.steempeak.com/communities

Awesome! Thanks!

I hope that you will deal with the threats that come to those people who cast their vote for you as a witness.
I’ll tell you honestly, I’m already tired of flag wars, I think that everyone is already tired of it. Let me know when peace comes, lol.

So far I think they're moving in the right direction, but still need a lot more features. In the current iteration it's a bit too bare bones to be useful enough to draw people in I think.

The beta.steempeak.com implementation is much better so far imo but I think what they have is what I would consider a viable MVP. From there we'd need to start really digging into UX and making everything a lot more easy and pleasant to use.

In terms of what I'd like to see, I've posted a ton about this if anyone is interested.




I 've written more, but I don't want this comment to be a mile long. It's also worth noting that @roadscape has commented on many of my suggestions that they ARE coming, so there's that. For now, for the best Communities experience, I'd head over to beta.steempeak.com

*edit Oh and I'm pretty anti content agnostic Communities. I think it defeats the whole purpose and is a net negative for the user experience on the platform.

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I think this is a great idea but when you add a post in community, you haven't that in your blog.

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Once it's in production, then I think the uptake will be much greater. Would love to see a Steempeak integration of it also.

Steempeak already has a community beta themselves you can check out on https://beta.steempeak.com

Thanks! I'll give it a go.

beta.steempeak.com please


I'm glad they made Communities a thing. It will make it easier to look for and find quality content on more and less certain topics based on what gets curated or hidden from community feeds.

I see how some people would like the fact the posts you posted on a hive aren't on your profile's front page but I'd prefer them to be there. Since I started posting in hives my profile on beta.steemit gives off an empty / inactive vibe. (So perhaps make it an option for people to get to choose whether to show community posts alongside of their personal blog posts or not.)

Oh, and how about community cross-posting, but with a limit (f.e ax 3 communities per post)?


In the current form, I don't see the communities will have a huge success. We need something like Reddit or at least be able to direct it on a URL like _ttps://chesatochi.com/hive for an example!

Have design features.

So far so good, gaining subscribers and lots of support, it also makes finding content easier - best 3 Steem we've ever spent. Looking forward to see how it evolves and what's added, thank you

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I've already passed this along to @roadscape, but I want this:

Idea: A resource, call it /created/mod, which only lists content from communities you can moderate.

I've joined a few communities, so my /created/my feed is full of interesting stuff, which is great when I'm in browse-mode. But if I'm in moderator-mode, I'd like to only see content I can actually moderate.

There is one community I post in that is mostly the person who created and myself. It’s for blockchain games. What is nice about it is the fact you can see older posts which helps ensure content that had effort put into it can still be easily found long after it has closed. It’s also not filled with low effort posts so when someone does make a post in there people have a reason to check them out.

I think bringing a sense of community and allowing people to have some control over what is going on in their own community hive is something that is very much lacking not including the exception of Tribes that beat them to it in a way. If someone is not happy with that community they can go join another one or make their own.

I do wonder what will end up becoming of Tribe communities. Along with further segregation of content creators where the small user base we have becomes even more spread and ineffective at driving views to a single post.

What I’m not happy about I believe will be resolved or have options for dealing with later on. I want my posts I make in a community to be on my own blog as well. I also want to have the option of posting in more than one community. It more or less will just turn into a better way of managing tags in the end i think for most users who are not running a community themselves.

I suspect gaming alone will have a number of general gaming hive communities once that rolls out to the mainstream. I can easily see it coming down to whoever has the bigger votes will get all the posts. Unless people can post in more than one community. We really don’t have a large enough user base either to support dozens of communities around a single topic. So I can see a lot of these hive communities being dead with just a single person posting to them.

I've been on a long hiatus from using Steemit actively, so I'll have to check out your tutorial and test out the beta site before letting you know my experience. Excited to check this feature out though!

not really using it much, simply because I'm steeming mostly via mobile
I did create a few communities myself
One thing I don't find is the search function, I find it difficult to look for communities, so I don't want to create duplicate.

You can use beta on mobile.

The search functionality is really bad right now, you basically have to manually explore communities list (which doesn't show all of them), but much better functionality is coming.

I see. Oh that’s good. I actually only use Steempress and dtube (via YT link) for posting and steemit to reply after partiko went down. Not so used to use mobile browser, would prefer some decent apps.

I checked out the communities feature. I'm always a bit slow to grasp how new things work. Communities are different than tribes. Are communities more than just a group of people sharing similar tagged content to the hivemind? It looks like a person can build any community anytime they want. What happens if two people want to own the same community? What happens if a community owner becomes inactive? Is there any benefit to owning the community other than being able to pick the thumbnail?

By the way, hope I don't infringe on the comments here, but I received a message in my wallet today that was an open threat. Not sure how many others also received this.

Please REMOVE your witness vote from the downvote freek @themarkymark, he doesn't deserve to be in the top 20 witnesses! You have 24 HOURS from now to act, otherwise you will be DOWNVOTED! (Just let you know how you feel when you received downvotes) Link to remove the witness vote: https://beta.steemconnect.com/sign/account-witness-vote?witness=themarkymark&approve=0 For reasons to remove the vote, please check out this post: https://busy.org/@fuk.themarkymark/fuck-themarkymark

Who is behind these threats? Are any measures being taken? It does not appear the author posts content, so they have effectively shielded themselves from having their actions corrected.

I have been in open opposition to the recent hardfork since it was first announced. As a result of the hardfork, I believe we need another fork to add the option to retaliate against downvote abuse to curb their downvote abilities.

I do not respond to threats by giving into fear or lashing out in violent attacks. My plan is to hope my unwritten reputation with my followers and continued activity will carry me beyond the charades of blockchain terrorists.

I am a good listener if you have any comments you want to share.

I'm still a little confused about how to navigate it. In reddit, for example, you know you are dealing with a silo. It's definitely a step in the right direction. Looking forward to see how it's going to improve.


What is?

I meant communities feature as a whole. Sorry for pointless comment


There is likely a post somewhere that has information on this, but I am not privy to know -

So, we still use tags in the same old way... correct?

Communities is just a collective tagging system?

It's just 'tags' euphemized... if this is true.

But instead of lots of little islands there are now small groupings of islands now called communities.

How do I put something in a community? I use the 'hive' tag?

I'm a little confused. Help for someone that needs a hand to hold through this transition...

And why doesn't a dtube post come up on my steemit front end blog anymore? Confused...

And what is it to be a 'guest' of the community? What other status options are there?

Does that mean if I post something to a community as a guest I get less or no coverage on that feed?

You can still use tags normally, but you can use the hive tag as the first tag if you want to put a post in a community from a UI that doesn't have communities (like busy.org).

Ok, thanks for the clarification


It would be nice to have unmoderated tags bookmarking on sidebar, similar to steempeak feature, it can be dropdown menu🔻

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