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Post an article that highlights THREE great songs that are progressive, punk, metal, goth or alternative, just NOT mainstream.

Use the Alternative Weekend Community to Post.

There are no other rules, just make your own!


If you have a short story or something to offer regarding an opinion on your songs, then share it with us.

Simply posting links won’t get you anywhere in terms of votes or rewards.

Be creative, let us know what this or that song reminds you of, who the band are trying to plagiarise, why you think they should be more popular or why you want to shag the hot vocalist.

And if you desire to use the Alternative Weekend Community DURING the week as you simply cannot wait, then do so. The name is simply a legacy of the old days.

Oh and... feel free to use the template I use.



The Mission – Raising Cain (Neverland – 1995)

It could be argued that the band were over by 1995. Goth music was more a 80’s phenomenon or was it?

Wayne Hussey doesn’t sound like himself anymore in most of this screechy feedback driven album. I tried listening to the subsequent album, 'Blue' but them seem to be moving to a more electronic sound in that one.

I would say The Mission are best while sticking to their roots, and that is the edgy doom and gloom sounds we are all accustomed too.


...'like the rest of us, Wayne is getting older and grey but having Goth roots is still unable to remove his black sunglasses'...

Being a fan of their earlier material I did my usual thing of sticking the album in the car on repeat until it sank into my head.

Raising Cain is dark stuff, so if you’re thinking of slitting your wrists while listening, then try Captain Sensibles’ Happy Talk instead.

I would say Neverland is as good as most of their 80’s albums after 20 or so plays. This one along with title track is probably the best of the bunch.



Aphrodite's Child - The Four Horsemen (666 – 1972)

So let’s go back in time to when Prog had been born but had yet to hit it’s peak. I only recently discovered this song from someone on Facebook while browsing a music channel.

First the bad, it features Demis Roussos, the big Greek dude who wears underpants that are far too tight for him. Think Barry Gibb but much wider and your hitting the mark.


...'just like Barry White, middle-aged women swooned over Demis despite him being on the large and sweaty side'...

He had a successful solo career in the mid 70’s with fucking awful songs that your mum liked such as ‘Forever and Ever’. Before all that happened he was part of Aphrodite's Child.

Growing up I was tortured not by the voice of this 'greek god', but by the songs which were less than pleasing to my young ears. If he was 'Happy to be on an Island in the Sun', I wish he could have lain down, took in the sun and kept his trap shut.

From around 3 minutes we get a great rocking solo outtro that seems to go on Forever and Ever. Maybe that was his inspiration for the grating, vomit drenched crap that we had to put up with several years later.



Garbage – A Stroke of Luck (Garbage – 1995)

Shirley Manson was such a temptress. Ever since myself and @trolleydave watched a bootleg live concert of her fronting Garbage strutting around the stage without a bra while tripping, we were completely hooked.

It wasn’t just the image, but the music especially on the debut album that was something else and different from the rest.

Wish I still had that tape, they all got thrown out years ago. Would be good too view it again on digital media.


...'Shirley was not someone you would take home to meet your parents, but she was still awesome'...

Dark, dirty, depressing and smutty but in the best kind of way, Garbage were a very alternative band before they turned a little too mainstream for my liking.

The second album 'Version 2.0' was decent enough but lacked the punch of the debut. The following ones I tried and failed to crack.

From the days before wild ladies wielded a mandatory plethora of tattoos.



Seon – Lotus (Lotus – 2019)

I was going to leave it at three but while trawling for some potential Steemians who may like to contribute to the Alternative Weekend Community I came across @ziofeda.

This Italian blogger hasn't written anything since late last year but I started going through his old posts and was quite amazed at what I saw.

His writing is perfect for this community but though I have tried to connect him, he seems to be engrossed in Next Colony.


...'it's OK being lost in space, but can you return to Earth and tell us more about these tunes?'...

Back to the song, it's new (2019) and reminds me of Pink Floyd but with more teeth. I am a sucker for soaring guitar solos and this one has it close to the end.

I wonder what the rest of their back catalogue is like. I will be taking a look as they have FOUR albums worth of material to listen too.

If anyone knows @ziofeda then please poke him for me. These are the kinds of authors we need.

NOTE: If any of the videos returns a 'Video Unavailable' then try removing your ad blocker and retrying.



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If you found this article so invigorating that you are now a positively googly-eyed, drooling lunatic with dripping saliva or even if you liked it just a bit, then please upvote, comment, resteem, engage me or all of these things.


Hey, let me just thank you cumulatively for all the feedback on my posts. Steemit has always been kind of a touch and go thing for me, even nextcolony is just something I have in a tab of my browser that I open once a day (usually in the morning, while I wait for my coffee to take effect :D). I just hate the way it clutters my steem activity feed.
Last summer I made an effort to try and be a little more active in the community, but then life started again and I struggled finding the time and the inspiration. Maybe I'll see if I can go back to my weekly writing?

About Soen, I'm very glad I helped you discover a new band. The Pink Floyd influence, unfortunately, is something you'll only find in that particular song and a very few select others (maybe Paragon?). To give you just a very quick recap of their career, their first two albums earned them the fame of Tool clones, even though they had some new and interesting ideas, while with Lykaia and Lotus showed way more of their personality. They are in the habit of advertising their music through their most slow, accessible tracks (like Lotus itself, or Lucidity) but if you dig a bit you'll find some other very cool songs. Maybe try Sectarian to see what your run-of-the-mill Soen song sounds like, and Jinn (sometimes spelled Djinn) for its middle-eastern vibe. Also, River is another great slow ballad that you might find appealing!

I have tried a couple of other Soen tracks and as you say, they are not the same.

I am a fan of Tool but find their music inaccessible unless you bolt-on headphones and hit autoplay with repeat for around 30 plays.

Thanks for the info and history lesson, Ill put some Soen in the car. That's where I listen the music.

Only heard of one of these bands. I am going to have to check the other ones out and join your community when I get a chance! Awesome stuff!

I hope the links work @bozz, I don't know whether its YT or these new browsers but all don't work for me on Chrome and Brave.

The one didn't work for me, but that is because it is via Steempeak and I haven't opened up the filter for my daily post yet!

Oooh, a good idea for a community!

Are you able to view all of them? I'm having issues with 2, they won't play on Chrome despite ad-blocker being disabled, same with Brave. They all work using Edge. My iPhone using Safari only plays 2.

Yeah, I just checked each one. They are all fine on Chrome on Android. UK based obvs, in case that is an issue

Good to hear they work for you. I'm having some issues with them which is not a great start for the community.

We shouldn't have to fart around with settings for them to work. Lots of others having issues if you google this :(

Yeah, the only issues I have ever had are country specific. Gagging around with settings is a no no indeed

Looking forward to hearing about more artists through this community. I'll chip in when I get time.

Music is always very subjective, but I hope for a few more posts in this community. Seems several are springing up (music communities). I hope this cross-posting doesn't get out of control, I am not a fan.


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I've got some Garbage somewhere, I quite liked them. I must dig them out.

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