Newest additions to my Funko Pop collection!

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What's up, everybody? Before we get into the post, I'd advise you to just take a seat. You know, really prepare yourself for the fat orgasm you're about to have in your pants. You're about to feel your dick absolutely explode over some plastic vinyl toys, baby. And, I'm not talking about that Poopsie unicorn toy that shits. Today, I'm here to flex some of my Funko pops on you poor, sad boi's. I think I'll make this into a bit of a series when I grab a couple new pops into my collection. Maybe I'll even do a post showing off my full collection as is. But, probably not, because that sounds like a nightmare to photograph since I live on a 3rd floor apartment and have to go outside to take good pictures.

So, what did I scoop up to add to my badges of virginity? Lets see!

This is the big boy of the three, a NYCC Shared Exclusive Danny Phantom pop. I had a bit of a nostalgia boner for this one, since I watched this show towards the end of my childhood. There's two verisons of this one, one of which you got from the NYCC Digital event that Funko did (which has the official con sticker). Where you had to either have one of the 11000 lottery winner tickets to buy, or you had to get lucky the next day and buy any leftovers they had. I did end up having a lottery spot, but I rushed the checkout system without grabbing anything but 1 pop that I wanted, but I'll be posting that shit on here soon :) So, instead I had to head down to Target in the morning the day after to get a shared one.

This was my first time ever doing this for a Funko pop, I normally just order online or buy from Ebay when the prices aren't sliding their fingers into my wallets rectum. It interesting experience. I got there far too early, at 7:05 AM. I've learned that about 7:20am would be sufficient the next time this shit happens. I sat in the car for a bit, before I noticed someone had lined up at the door already. My fiancee and I then both went and lined up, and within 5-10 minutes there was 13-14 people behind us. I now know for sure the stereotype I've built in my head of a decent amount of collectors being greasy, unbathed virgins is true. I'm pretty sure my girl and I were the only people there who had showered in the past 4-5 days, and were the only ones who also didn't look like they'd be trying to talk to a child on Tik-tok besides a cool older couple.

After waiting until 8am, they let us in where I had a silly thought in my head that we'd have to outrun these people to the back of the store. Who'd have guessed that shit was actually partially true, as everyone all at once got possessed by the spirit of Ned Flanders and started power walking as fast as they could to the back of the store. That turned out to be pointless though, because the people working at target didn't have a fucking clue why we were all there, and never put out the pops for sale. We ended up getting a worker to grab them, and low and behold, there were only 6 of this guy for the 15-16 of us total. I snagged one and got the fuck out of there quickly, thankfully.

I can only imagine the nightmare of Hot Topic and other places like that which also had their own exclusives. I figured going home and chilling would be a better use of my time over getting my nipples chewed on by some grungy 38 year old man at the mall though.

Speaking of Hot Topic, that brings me to my next pick up. The Hot Topic exclusive variant of Patrick Bateman (Meaning you can only snag this one either from a reseller online or Hot Topic itself) I got this guy off Reddit a few weeks ago for the average price he sells for ($14-15). I fucking love horror movies and games, so it's not a big surprise when they dropped a Patrick Bateman set from American Psycho that I really wanted to snag them up. My buddy got me the common variant as a late Bday gift, and after grabbing this one I now only need the chase. Which is the most expensive/hard to get, going for $45-55 right now on Ebay. Hopefully I'll be able to snag him at some point, but for now I'm enjoying this addition to my horror collection I've got going.

Maybe I'll start saving up the payouts I get from these Funko related posts to help fund towards adding to my collection to share here. I'm sure if the Funko community knew about the idea of this, they'd cream their jeans and rush over here to spam whatever they possibly could. Thank god I'm the only person here, I guess ;)

This last pop is also for my horror collection, and happens to be the one I've been waiting on the longest, Sam from Trick R' Treat. This one is a Spirit Halloween exclusive, meaning you have to order it from their site or go to one of their stores in person. That's not a big deal with this one, as it seems like they've made a shit load of them to sell, meaning he's not very elusive. But, I've had this pre-ordered since August 3rd, with it due to be mailed out to buyers on the 24th of September. However, it only just got here a few days ago around the 8th of October. So, you can imagine how flaccid I was while waiting for this fucker to get here.

It was well worth the wait, though. As far as quality goes, this is probably a top 5 for me on the actual design of the figure and the details of it. And, not just because all the blood in my body rushes to my penis for horror stuff. It genuinely is one of the best things they've made in a long time in my opinion, as a lot of pops end up looking like generic bullshit. A lot of what Funko puts out ends up being very boring, generic looking bullshit. And, the braindead die hard fans who have to collect every single one will still get it. But, If they made more pops like this, I think it would attract other types of toy collectors and get them more interested in picking one up occasionally. But, maybe that's just my opinion. Who knows.

So, there's my latest pop haul for the 2-3 of you who actually read this. If anyone actually skimming this is interested in pops, knows a user interested in them or has some, then fucking send them you pussy. I'd like to actually get a small community going here, so I don't have to browse the toxic shit fire Funko subreddit :)

But, until next time doods.



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