Funko pop Grail haul!

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What's up, you bunch of soggy slopsters? Just wanted I'm here today to talk about my throbbing cock over the recent Funko Pops I picked up. And, don't you fucking dare use the a word slur around here, there is no such thing as "addiction" here in my dojo, you fucks. After selling off pretty much my entire Pokemon collection as well as some of my other Pops that I didn't give much of a fuck about, I finally had some playing around money to start picking up some figures that I've wanted for a long time. I was planning on grabbing another one or two, but had to use the rest of my money for a minor emergency that happened. So, I guess I'll have to hold off on that for now. However, there's still some good shit here to give yourself a big old moist spot in your shorts, baby. So, lets take a look at what I got :)

We'll start off with the newer figure out of the bunch, and one of the very few Marvel pops I can actually stomach to own. (Seriously, Funko shits out Marvel pops like they've had food poisoning everyday for the past 2 years.) This one, however, was an easy cop for me. Blacklight Carnage, aka, Bubblegum Carnage. Caught this on the Funko Shop drop so I only had to pay retail for this one thankfully. I'm a huge slut for Carnage/Venom/Symbiotes in general, so I'm pretty stoked I got this. Especially since it looks pretty fucking neat under a blacklight.

But, onto the next Pop!

This is another newer released Pop, and probably tied with Jack from The Shining for my favorite Chase piece, it is the Patrick Bateman Chase! I caught a pretty decent deal on this one and saved about $10-15 over the average sale price on it, so I'm pretty happy with it. This one will be sitting on my personal grail shelf slinging some fat dick for a long time to come. (Also, if you're wondering what a Chase is, it's in regards to rarity. Chase pieces are a 1/6, meaning to guarantee one you'd have to purchase 6 of the same pop to get one.)

This next one was a big grail for me, since I have an eternal boner for 80's Kurt Russel movies, Jack Burton from Big Trouble in Little China. One of the older released pops that was on my wantlist, this one is usually around $90-100. This is only because it was probably produced for a short time and it's hard to find, since it's technically a common rarity. I thankfully scored a great deal on this and got it for about $68 shipped. Definitely going to have a home on my grail shelf until the day I melt all this shit down and inject it into my veins to get my fix.

And, the final pop is not only the most expensive one I picked up, but, it also pleases the fuck out of my inner weeb, Hollow Ichigo from Bleach. I had some of the worst luck I'd ever seen with Ebay auctions trying to get one of these. I lost on 4 separate occasions, with each being one of the top most priced sales in the past month for some reason. The vinyl gods apparently just felt like taking a big old shit on me. But, then I go lucky and scored this fucker finally. This was one of the big two that I was planning on getting, and I'm really happy with it. Wish I could have gotten the other big grail I was looking at (Or, any of the big grails I want. But, I'm not a fucking oil prince sadly, so I can't be dropping $350-500 for a Funko Pop.), but I'll just have to hope I can get lucky and grab it later on.

Hope you enjoyed me cumming in my pants over the keyboard with my recent "investments". I'm glad I have somewhere that isn't the cesspool known as reddit to show my shit off, even though there's probably only 3 of you who actually bother to skim through this garbage. But, yeah. Hope everyone is doing well during these shit times!

Until next time, doods.



Look at you and your fancy pieces!

And, to think, you played a key part in my addiction to cardboard and plastic 🧐

I should shoot you my Grail list sometime soon and see if you have any of the stuff I'm looking for. Would much rather support you over some grease king on Ebay who'll probably do a shit job packaging my stuff.

Shoot me over your in search of list. I’ll let ya know what tastiness I have to feed your addiction!

I've got a fat wishlist on the Funko app, however, the app is a giant pile of shit lately for some reason. When it decides to work again I'll shoot you the full list of grails. Off the top of my head, here's a few from my wishlist though:

  • Burning Godzilla/PX Previews GITD Godzilla
  • Young Bloody Ben NYCC 2kLE
  • Glowing One Gamestop exclusive GITD
  • Batman Beyond Black Chrome
  • Michael Myers Blood Splatter FYE
  • Travis Bickle
  • Cutey Corn HQ Exclusive
  • GITD The Crow
  • Walter #82
  • Sam #57
  • Tyrant GITD Target Exclusive