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RE: Funko pop Grail haul!

in Funko5 months ago

Look at you and your fancy pieces!


And, to think, you played a key part in my addiction to cardboard and plastic 🧐

I should shoot you my Grail list sometime soon and see if you have any of the stuff I'm looking for. Would much rather support you over some grease king on Ebay who'll probably do a shit job packaging my stuff.

Shoot me over your in search of list. I’ll let ya know what tastiness I have to feed your addiction!

I've got a fat wishlist on the Funko app, however, the app is a giant pile of shit lately for some reason. When it decides to work again I'll shoot you the full list of grails. Off the top of my head, here's a few from my wishlist though:

  • Burning Godzilla/PX Previews GITD Godzilla
  • Young Bloody Ben NYCC 2kLE
  • Glowing One Gamestop exclusive GITD
  • Batman Beyond Black Chrome
  • Michael Myers Blood Splatter FYE
  • Travis Bickle
  • Cutey Corn HQ Exclusive
  • GITD The Crow
  • Walter #82
  • Sam #57
  • Tyrant GITD Target Exclusive