Marbles for our english community (les francophones sont bienvenus aussi)

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Ready to play with some marbles ?

Let's try this for this afternoon ...

In collaboration with all musicians from Rising Star

We will playing MARBLES ON STREAM, the good thing is that EVERYONE can join without installing anything, you just need to type !play in the chat room to get in.

We will run Grand prix (8 tracks), the winner will received a Rising Star card as a giveaway.

The background music is provided by Rising Star players/ independant musicians.


Here is the giveaway list, and they will be delivered in the shown order :

24291fanboostfanboost 11,0,0,0@itharagaian
73713energyboostRisky Whiskey0,0,0,0Rising Star
73714instrumentS3 Pumpkin Bass0,5,0,0Rising Star
44137instrumentI14 Cheap Sax0,1,0,0@itharagaian
73715instrumenti7 Mid Range Keys0,10,0,0Rising Star
62139locationFirst Rehearsal Room0,0,0,0@itharagaian
67919peopleR8 Lead Guitarist (R)125,4,75,4@nupulse
73716fuelCan of Petrol0,0,0,0Rising Star
73717fanboostFanBoost 10 (R)10,0,0,0Rising Star
73718energyboostCoffee Cup0,0,0,0Rising Star
64575locationFirst Rehearsal Room0,0,0,0@itharagaian
73719instrumenti16 Cheap Cello0,1,0,0Rising Star
66596intrumentR7 Vintage Synth (R)0,50,0,0@nupulse

Also, if you do not have any hive account yet, we can create 1 account (two claims available) for you if you win a prize and request it, ONLY if you do not have any account yet please.

Remember, @ignet is a charity program !

We are doing live shows, not because we play like a boss, but to entertain people while running a charity program. Our target goal is to have enough returning viewers to attract sponsors.
The revenues of this channel are shared with associations and people in need.
The current association is @cleanplanet

You may also help the charity by subbing our twitch channel (including with amazon gaming prime), sending bits, or donations. On hive, you can also send tokens to @ignet (please use charity in memo) or by delegating to entr'aide (see delegations links below)

Join our show, this thursday frmo 16 to 19 GMT+2 on this twitch :

Merci pour votre temps et votre participation.

Thank you for your participation

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