Motivation, Self Love, Suicide And Depression; What Are The Determining Measures To Continuity?

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Sadness sometimes is born because the need to feel sadness is brought about because we feel undeserved of happiness as a result of the numerous failures that results in lack of accomplishments. Sometimes we crave love more than we actually love ourselves and when this doesn't happen it sometimes brings a sort of depression. The truth is there's always this Fulfilment when we love Ourselves to the fullest it means we'd cherish ourselves Irrespective of Psychologyical, mental, financial or health status. It's okay to feel depressed but the truth is that there should be an overwhelming desire to conquer depression rather than an underwhelming desire to sink under depression because this is where danger lies the most. I used to tell people that depression isn't really such a wrong State of mind because sometimes I see it as a tool that helps balance a person and put them on the right path.

Sometimes motivation is born out of depression in fact a whole of people who i have come across have had a reason to be depressed but sometimes it might be a motivation and sometimes it might be suicidal and it's a pity that nowadays it is often much more suicidal. Like I said earlier people might actually hate everything you are including the fact that you might not be so good looking and also as a result of your state of existence and if we equally share the belief of people, We go down a downward spiral questioning the reason why we are born in the first place picking fights with the people who gave birth to us and say no need to continue living. One is actually the last resort of acceptance when they face rejection from all angle and sometimes the world might not underline with everything we stand for. This actually means we are fighting with being in alignment with life over acceptance.

In truth, the desire to stay alive irrespective of the circumstances a person might be going through is the biggest weapon a person can ever have. It means that all the other odds against them would be nullified by that singular odds that keeps them going. That is why sometimes in hospitals doctors tell their patients to keep fighting because there is nothing stronger than the desire to keep going. When I was around 18 or 17 I usually ask myself how I survived my teenage years (seeing how long I struggled to stay healthy) and my parents used to tell me that I was a fighter and I surprised myself because I felt I had more to offer and I couldn't just come to life only to die at a young age this is of course not a strange phenomenon but I believe in my case it should actually be different.

So after everything going on externally, i believe the internal battle wins the war. There might be an outside feedback that resonates within every decision and choices are often left with us. Sometimes these choices might be driven by what we have externally experienced or heard but there is always a stronger desire sometimes to shun all these externalities and feedbacks and uphold the ultimate choices to keep going on and living life. At one stage in life not all but many people have gone through series of depression simply because who they are in essentiality couldn't align with the world and this brings a cacophony or a disagreement which results in a lot of pain. It all boils down to us eventually, because everything we feel is as a result of opening our defence for external forces to control, we should understand the fact that loving ourselves should be sacrosanct and this will resonate in us disagreeing with every attempt to end our precious lives.

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Often motivation is born out of depression. A friend once said when I am feeling depressed... go out and do something for someone. The idea is getting our mind off ourselves and finding joy in a selfless act for someone else. Best to you.

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depression isn't really such a wrong State of mind because sometimes I see it as a tool that helps balance a person and put them on the right path.

Just be cognitive of the fact that Clinical Depression is the result of a broken brain i.e. low dopamine, misfiring of neurons, tumors etc..etc.. it's not always about a state of mind.

It's because of this type of thinking we give "true" clinical depression a bad stigma.

It's because of this type of thinking we give "true" clinical depression a bad stigma.

No it isn't!