McDonnell Douglas MD902 Helicopter Taking Off At Three Thirty Airstrip In The Philippines

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On November 3rd 2019, a McDonnell Douglas MD902 helicopter landed and took off at Three Thirty airstrip in Ronda, south Cebu, Philippines.

This helicopter was hired by the same person who arrived at the airstrip on October 30. This time, his journey was taking him to the island of Bohol.

This specific helicopter was built in 2001 and operated in the United States of America before being shipped in the Philippines in 2017.

The MD 902 Explorer is a multipurpose twin-engine helicopter that sets the standard in performance, affordability, dependability and safety for light and medium-twin engine helicopters. With operators in every market segment – air medical, law enforcement, search and rescue, electronic news gathering, executive transport, offshore and utility – the MD 902 Explorer couples high performance with low direct operating costs to rise above the rest.

If you notice on the video, this helicopter doesn't have a tail rotor and uses the Notar Technology instead.

The NOTAR® anti-torque system eliminates all of the mechanical disadvantages of a tail rotor, including long drive shafts, hanger bearings, intermediate gearboxes and ninety-degree gearboxes. Using the natural characteristics of helicopter aerodynamics, the NOTAR system provides safe, quiet, responsive, FOD-resistant directional control.

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