Gyrocopter Flight From Ronda To Dalaguete, South Cebu, Philippines - Part 2

in General Aviation8 months ago

Hello #Hive,

You've now seen the pictures I took during my gyrocopter flight from Three Thirty airstrip to Casay airstrip, but how about the return journey?

Well, here it is!

After spending a bit of time with my friend checking on the part and catching up a bit, it was time for me to make my way back to Ronda. I wasn't much in a hurry and since I rarely go to the east side of Cebu Island, I thought I would do a bit of sightseeing. What was supposed to be a 15 minute flight in a straight line between the 2 locations ended up taking close to 1 hour.

Lined up and ready for take off at Casay airtsrip

Slowly climbing up. Up ahead is the town of Dalaguete

A bit of mangrove on my left side

Some fishponds and the nice blue colors of the sea

The island of Bohol on the horizon on my left

After reaching Dalaguete, I turned around and headed towards Argao, following the seashore

The sea was very calm. The land sticking out to sea is the town of Argao

Looking towards the west which was where I needed to go

but I'm still going north

A bit of rain up ahead

As I reached closer to the town of Sibonga, I saw a bit of commotion on top of the sea from afar. I flew closer to check it out. Can you see what caused it?

Yes, there it was, a whale shark hunting and circling a school of fish. I'm guessing they were sardines as it looked like a black ball from the sky. The same way it looks when I fly above them in the town of Moalboal

I spent a good 5 minutes circling around it and trying to get clear shots

The rain had caught up with me and so I decided to start heading back south a bit before crossing to the west.

More rain on the way!

Can you see that structure on the side of the hill on the left? Well, I thought I should brave the rain and get closer to it to take a few pictures for you. I'm sure you're going to find it interesting.

Getting closer, you can distinguish it a bit better 🙂

This is Simala Chrurch/Shrine. It is a monastery with a castle look to it. It is located in Sibonga and is usually one of the places visited by the tourists in Cebu

I tried to go around the rain

But still got a bit wet

I kept the rain on my left while crossing the island from east to west

We can see the west coast already

A bit more of the landscape in the middle of the Cebu island

Almost there! A few rice plantations in a valley

And we are back at Three Thirty Airstrip. You can easily see the hangar and the grass runway

last turn before landing

And we are back on the ground.

As I said this return trip was much longer than it should have been, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I don't get to fly for my own leisure very often so I just took this opportunity and I was rewarded with the whale shark sighting. I'd love to see one while diving though. Maybe one day.

I still have plenty of interesting pictures from this flight so I may post some once in a while.

Thank you all for flying with me and I hope to see you again soon 😁


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That whale shark! 😱😱😱

yup, I'm always excited when that happens. This was my 2nd sighting of a whale shark from the sky. The first time was in Moalboal. I'm not counting the ones I saw when flying around Oslob because they are not wild anymore, more like domesticated and so it doesn't feel as good seeing them.

Yeah. I'll never support that kind of tourism. Tourism at the expense of those wild animals' migration pattern is not sustainable.