Monomad Contest : thorn and flaw

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Hi guys!

Here is my weekly entry to the #monomad challange. I love contests like this.

I love cacti. I have many cacti where I work and at home. I want to have all kinds of cacti. When I pass by every florist, I check for any cactus. I even gifted cactus to our guests at my own engagement ceremony. 😊


We have a proverb. “There is no rose without a thorn.” or “Take the bitter with the sweet.” So every person or object we love may have a flaw. A proverb that emphasizes that we must endure the difficulties that come from those we love or the jon we love.


I don’t know if my English is enough to explain this proverb. My English is very bad. And I am not satisfied with the translation I used. I hope there is no problem. 😊


I wanted to share the original version of the photos with you. I’ve been photographing everything with it since I bought a new macro lens. I hope you like them. I am waiting for your likes and comments.

Happy friday!


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