Monomad: After The Storm

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My entry into the #monomad contest is the landscape with the snow covered trees from the last storm.

Living in Eastern Canada one can expect a few snow storms during the winter months. The newly fallen snow leaves the landscape looking refreshed and cleaned by Mother Nature.

From my back deck I can view the two smaller spruce trees ladened with snow. The branches of the pine tree to the right are weighted down with the snow, whereas, the spruce trees with their fuller branches don’t seem to mind the extra weight.


The storm came quickly and brought snow mixed with some rain. This combination makes the snow extremely heavy, especially if you were to shovel the walkways by hand. Folks have been know to have a heart attack while shovelling after this type of heavy snowfall.


A different hue...


Looking out from the front porch of the house, I see the tall birch trees are still standing proudly. After some snow storms I have seen them bent to the ground with the weight of snow and ice on their branches. Amazingly they return to their original height once the weather warms.

The row of cedar trees are holding the snow in their thick branches. Trees with bushy full branches close together seem to be more resilient in winter weather.


Looking in another direction.


Location: Prince Edward Island, Canada

Camera: iPad Air



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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 42 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thanks Pix @pixresteemer!

You're living in the middle of a Winter Wonderland Jo ☺️
Beautiful surroundings in all directions. I like the "different hue" photo more, because it doesn't look that cold :)

When I think of snow shoveling, I am glad that I'm living in an apartment, especially when the snow is as heavy as you say. I can remember very exhausting snow shoveling days from my younger years when I was still living at my parent's.

Cheers and !BEER

It definitely is a winter wonderland here now Hannes. 😃

Apartment living has it’s perks. I know what you meant, being the oldest child of the family, I did a lot of snow shovelling in my youth and happy Hubby has a snow blower. Any snow blown in on the decks still have to be shovelled off by hand but usually that’s not too much.❄️

Thanks dear Hannes for reblog and generosity. 🤗 ☀️

Have a great afternoon.

To get to the school bus someone had to shovel a path first ... usually our father did, but not always 😅

You're most welcome, dear Jo, I wish you a wonderful weekend 🤗🌞
It was just Monday and now it's weekend already - time runs so fast these days.

Cheers and !BEER

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You're welcome @redheadpei, well done! 😉🌹

Snow glorious snow, how I would love to wake up to see a sight like this Jo.

One can imagine the groaning and creaking under the weight on the arms of trees, some even falling over during extremely heavy conditions making forested areas even more mystical.

Thanks for sharing to a very hot South African 😄 who is about to have a !BEER then a wee bit later a glass of !WINE watching the stars hoping for a slight breeze with our loadshedding hours starting at 8pm while under lockdown.

I would love to give you a share of the winter weather Joan and I’ll take some of that heat. :)

Yes the forest does look magical covered in snow. Today the snow melted off the trees but old man winter isn’t finished yet.

Thanks for your generosity. The drinks went down smoothly. ❤️

Have a wonderful Sunday and hopefully a cool breeze blows in.

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