Today I was tired and uninspired, in the end I ended up taking macro photography. My entry to today's monomad challenge.

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Sometimes I spend the whole day busy with other things that I forget to post, not to take pictures, that's a habit and a passion that I hope will never end, but when I get home and I feel calmer, I start to think about what I want to share with you, so here I go, I hope you like today's pictures.

Monomad_macro 2 of 8.JPG

To be honest I started with this image, which as it was the test picture was quite underexposed, so I decided to leave it with this edition that goes more appropriate to the image, as you can see, I keep making use of the dead flowers I mentioned in my last post that I did for the community.

Monomad_macro 1 of 8.JPG

I didn't like very much how the composition looked, so I decided to change my scene and take this image of the dry leaves.

Monomad_macro 3 of 8.JPG

And again I didn't like it, so I changed my scene again, I thought for a while while watching an AC/DC video, then I saw the notebook and the pen and I thought, why not? and I took out this image that I didn't like very much either haha, although the truth can be used for something.

Monomad_macro 4 of 8.JPG

After that I remembered something and said to myself: Monster, how stupid you are! Two days ago, I went in search of some fabrics that will serve me to decorate my next images, especially thinking that they will be about food and things like that, so I need props that will give texture to my image, and that's why I chose this kind of stuff.

Monomad_macro 5 of 8.JPG

Watching the texture, I decided to take out the macro extension tubes that I had stored in a drawer, I stopped using them because as my sensor was dirty, at the moment of taking a macro photograph the dirt looked horrible and I was wasting a lot of time fixing the errors, but now everything is different.

Monomad_macro 6 of 8.JPG

And since I was a little happy with the result, I made the following image to see the texture of the woods I painted a couple of days ago, they will serve as a base for the dishes and different elements within my composition.

Monomad_macro 7 of 8.JPG

As it was late and the inspiration is not the best today, when I took this image I said, enough! it's better to make the post with what I have so far, and go to sleep, so that's the end of this post.

Monomad_macro 8 of 8.JPG

All photographs are my property, taken by me, @monster-one

Thanks for watching my post, see you in the next one.

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Dead flowers are awesome to photograph!
I like the rose in those settled colours here.

Thank you very much! And yes, I am really falling in love with dead flowers, I think more than with live ones haha.