Taking pictures in the park, I shouldn't have set the manual mode today, my bad.

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Okay guys, it's time for another post for the #Monomad challenge, today I had to take my mom to the dentist because they are doing a dental work that she already needed, it's getting a little expensive but it is more gratifying to see her smile again, as she is a little old, she doesn't like to go out of the house too much, but today taking advantage that we were already on the street I took her to the park to make her distracted a little bit, we went to one that I know has almost no people, because of the covid-19 that still afflicts us.

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While she was sitting on the grass having a moment of introspection, I took the opportunity to take a few pictures, not of her because she doesn't like to be photographed, but of things and people around us. The truth is that the sun was strong and I wanted to take advantage of the contrast of so much light.

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First I saw this two people, just as we were looking for the tranquility of nature, the warmth of the sun's rays, and the pleasant wind that blew with a kindness, almost as if it were caressing us.

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While I was trying to pre-focus, a heron was approaching, everything went so fast that it didn't give me time to focus properly, but the idea is there, it may not be the best background to make the bird stand out, but that gave me an idea that I will have to realize soon, so to all those little birds I say: watch out I will be spying on you.

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While I was watching the picture, the people kept walking, but that's what I wanted, I wanted them to move away a little bit for a distance shot. It was a little difficult to manage the contrast because the light was very strong, but I liked the final result.

08_01_2021_monomad 4 of 7.JPG

After that I took my mom to some benches that are there, and the road we went through gave me this idea, which I see I should stylize more, I definitely like the curvature of the road, but I need the light to be different, more lateral as in the sunset.

08_01_2021_monomad 6 of 7.JPG

After that picture I was reviewing some interesting things for photography, as I was in the shade I put the camera in manual mode, something I almost never do unless I have full control of the scene, as I like street photography I use a lot of some of the automatic modes as aperture priority, or speed priority, and many purists will say I am wrong for not using manual mode always, and the truth is that I don't care haha, because for street photography, those are the best modes and you also have to know when to use them; But continuing the story, I forgot that I was in manual mode, so my image was over exposed, I tried to recover as much information as possible, and that's how the photograph ended up.

08_01_2021_monomad 7 of 7.JPG

As I already mentioned, when I'm taking street photography and especially candid photography, I'm not used to check after every shot, there are times that after taking the picture I keep looking through the viewfinder, so many times they don't even know that I took the picture, unfortunately that played against me also with this last picture, and for putting the manual mode when I shouldn't have.

All photographs are my property, taken by me, @monster-one

Thanks for watching my post, see you in the next one.

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It was a good walk and some excellent photos

Thank you 😉