One more experience, learning to have the light I'm looking for in my flash, my entry to today's monomad challenge.

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One of my main goals within photography is to be able to create stock images in the comfort of my house, don't take it wrong, I really love walking on the streets doing street photography, but that doesn't mean that there aren't other things that I like within photography, like stock photography, and landscape photography, I also like macro photography very much but as the sensor of my camera was dirty I stopped doing it because the dirt was more visible, and difficult to fix.

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When it comes to stock photography I really like dark food photography, it seems simple but it really takes a lot of work to get the light you're looking for, besides stylizing your scene and getting a nice composition that catches your client's attention, I'm not an expert, but I always try new things, today's images were made with the intention of finding that necessary point to correctly know my flash light, that I really left in the oblivion for several weeks.

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As I still lack a lot of props to decorate my scenes, I tried to do something very minimalist with the first pictures as in this one of the ring.

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I didn't like the angle in this picture very much but you know I always show all the pictures, even the ones I'm wrong about.

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Step by step I wanted to get better textures, and I added other elements to fill the space, I didn't edit much with Luminosity masks, I got the light with the position of my flash and the softbox

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In this picture I also made a mistake because I cut a part of the lock, so I had to do it again.

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And this is what I was looking for in this experience, I would like to know your opinions about the final result.

All photographs are my property, taken by me, @monster-one

Thanks for watching my post, see you in the next one.

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