Black and White : Making Acehnese Rencong Hats

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Aceh has a variety of traditional customs and traits that are well known by the world, besides that Aceh is also known as a local craft that is much in the interest of many people, such as tourists who come to Aceh just to see or learn directly the results of handicrafts made traditionally.

Like the craft of hat making which symbolizes the kingdom of Aceh that was done by a creative craftsman in the city I live in. Hats that are made there are various models and motifs, such as carving rencong, Aceh doors, filigree and many other motifs that I cannot mention, hats that he made from large to small sizes depend on interested people who are often ordered. The production of the hat-making process only requires 10 workers.



This hat-making business has become a legacy work from the family, hat production, not much different from the production of other people, but what makes the difference is just the neatness so the buyers feel comfortable using it. This distinctive Aceh hat has always started production but in modern times it is easier to produce because the work is already using machines, whereas in the past all used traditional methods. Demand has increased so that many people have participated in opening the production of the typical Aceh hat.

This undoubted hat-making makes customer demand more and more, this hat is made from the best quality fabric. This hat is usually a lot of interest on the eve of commemorating the day of victory of Islam and also a lot in the message by pesantren children what more enter the new teachings used by men. In addition to the hat boarding school children are also a lot of interest by tourists visiting Aceh.



Aceh's distinctive hat has also been circulating throughout Indonesia and even abroad, according to the hat production businessman, most of the demand for caps are rencong motifs. Rencong is a symbol of the identity of courage and tribal toughness during the kingdom of the Aceh people used to be called the local language (Rintjong).

This is the way the process of making Aceh hats.

  • prepare the inner layer of the hat that has been sewed first

  • choose quality velvet fabric that is comfortable to wear

  • cut velvet cloth to the size that has been printed

  • embroidery motifs on order in velvet fabric

  • then put together so that it becomes a distinctive hat ready for production

The process of making Aceh typical hat takes 20 to 30 minutes per one hat, it also depends on the motives ordered by the customer. Aceh hat production entrepreneurs have followed the development of the era, so that various types of motifs have been marketed to increase the interest in the typical hat of Aceh.