Walking Through the Future Time Tunnel.

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On our second last vacations before covid-19 disrupted all of the world travel we took a flight to Thailand, we were flying from Sydney airport to Suvarnabhumi International Airport which is the biggest airport in the city of Bangkok, Thailand. On normal circumstances without covid-19 this airport use to welcome up to 60 million passengers per year but obviously not now. I remember arriving at Suvarnabhumi International Airport 4 years ago and it took nearly one hour to get through immigration there were no magnetic chip passport control machines like we have back in Australia all done manually by immigration officers what a job.





After been checked through we needed to check in on our domestic flight to Koh Samui not leaving Suvarnabhumi International Airport as it was the why we booked connecting flight to Koh Samui Island.





After been checked in for our domestic flight, I remember walking through to the domestic boarding gates it was like walking through a future time tunnel never ending, the way this airport was constructed and built was like, something from the Star Wars movies the future beyond. This was no third world country it made our airport in Sydney look embarrassing.





My wife described these future time tunnels we were walking through as been similar to the German Holocaust plane, thank God it wasn't but I could see where she was coming from.





We were both truly amazed in the technology and engineering that had gone into this airport certainly a great place for a photography who likes, vanishing line photography. The Suvarnabhumi International Airport is also the major transfer hub for Southeast Asia.




And looking from the inside of the airport out through the window this is how them future time tunnels look like on the outside certainly a futuristic look.



"This is my entry for the #monomad challenge"

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I love those pictures. I wish I can go there.

Thank you @kidsisters I am sure you will get there one day keep your dreams alive 👍

Nice pics

Thank you @loveintolight 😊

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Thanks for letting me know @keys-defender , I was wondering what I had done wrong apology accepted 👍

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how are you dear friend @ kohsamui99 good day
This place is incredible, its infrastructure is impressive, it is very difficult to avoid taking some shots of it.
Excellent shots. Successes in the monochrome contest
have a great day

You are right @jlufer those lines were really attractive and unavoidable to notice and take photos of.

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