Buddha Head by the Ocean.

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During our stay at Kaleane Villa Resort in Krabi by the ocean we had this huge Buddha head sitting on our front lawn, it was actually a nice feeling to have this huge Buddha head on our front lawn it look peaceful, looking over us keeping us relaxed and safe while we enjoy the amazing views from our villa. The Thai people are mostly all Buddhist religious, they believe having a Buddha statue around your garden or in the house is a meaning of good wisdom, understanding and fulfilling destiny, the word Buddha actually means “Enlightened" by morality, meditation and wisdom it is considered that you as a Buddhist following the path of enlightened leading you to a peaceful relaxed mind and soul.





This big old ancient vase dating back to the 15th century was also extraordinary to see sitting on the front lawn of the villa not sure what it actually represents but it was sure a piece of art.






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Thank you @neuerko much appreciated 👍

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Hello dear friend @ kohsamui99 good afternoon.
What a beautiful collection of monochrome images, apparently this beautiful place is ideal for monochrome images. excellent fingerboards. I appreciate that you let us know.
I wish you a beautiful night

Thank you @jlufer they really were something special they really appealed to me in a spiritual way.

Great textures on the Buddha head and also the vase! Lovely photos!

Thank you @keithboone that's a compliment coming from you 👍

You have inspired me 😊

These are beautiful photos, and you do really good work!

Thank you @keithboone 👍

this buddha head looks so amazing, nice spot :)

Thank you @katrin-lux it really was it made me feel at peace 🙏

Very cool. Looks like a Thai version of the Moai Statues on the Easter Island :D

So similar I just googled it and your right they could be twins 🤣

Krabi is the next place on my list to travel. I've been there years ago but didn't really a lot of the good stuff. Railay looks amazing and I really want to se it and take some nice photos. :)

That would be awesome Krabi seems to have a lot to offer love to get back there myself, there are so many islands to be seen there 👍