Monomad challenge Entry #104; Single bride!

in Black And White2 months ago


The photograph above is my entry for the #monomad challenge created by @brumest hosted on monochromes. Feel free to join the challenge!


Hope she did not stay single for a long time lol

Hello @kodeblaccc
You keep publishing single image posts here, while publishing a lot more elaborated ones in different communities. We would understand if you were posting single images everywhere, but not this negative discrimination towards us.
If by any chance you think your content is too good for the black and white community, perhaps it's time for you to stop posting here and move on to greener pastures.

Oh! I'm sorry. I don't exactly understand your feedback.
By elaborate you mean I should publish more than one photograph, or I should write a more detailed caption?

If it's an issue of more photograph, I'll say I'm ignorant about how the monomad challenge works. I thought only one photograph was considered for the challenge. @monochromes

You don't understand the obvious differences between the content you post here comparing with the content you post in some other communities?

EDIT: Regarding the contest rules.. We never stated anywhere that only one image is taken in consideration.
On the contraire. Not so long ago we actually highlighted exactly the oposite:

Well, thanks for explaining. It'll be great if you were a little bit kinder with the comment though. It felt like I was being scolded for something I'm quite ignorant about.

We apologize for being a bit harsh in this case here. But seing some members posting long posts in other communities and coming here just to drop a single image feels a bit disrespectful. Specially if we take in consideration that we did try to address this issue and asked people to try to change that weird habit. We did our part and had no way to know if you read it or not.

Cool 😇👌👌 I hope to see more, it is cool photo.