My entry for the #monomad challenge

in Black And White7 months ago

Nimbus cumulus himbudus cotton pompidus clouds hanging over the couple with the puppy?
Or something named like that. :)

I at first thought that I could make a post that has this black and white photo and post few edited versions of it that have a different style and also color in it. You know, different layers in Photoshop and layer style options combined.

But as there always is the "in which community to post this" problem and as I decided to use the tag #monomad and, as the monomad rules clearly say, post it in black and white community, I'm afraid I can't post the different version of this photo that I made. Because they have color in it because of the layer options and if I would post only one of the photoshopped images so that the 50/50 percent rule isn't broken, the post wouldn't be what I want it to be.

Monomad rules:

  • Post your entries in the Black And White Community (ELIMINATORY FACTOR).
  • At least 50% of the submitted post, including the first image, needs to be black and white (ELIMINATORY FACTOR).

Black and white community rules:

  • Full color images stay at the door.
  • Any user publishing colored images will be muted.

And I think there also was: "Anyone posting color images in this community will be shot. To death." Well, I hope so, wouldn't want to suffer.

So I decided that this is just a great chance to post this same image with the photoshopped versions to a different community some other day. I have some pretty cool and eerie images for you. At least in my opinion some of those are eerie and kinda cool. But alas, again I then will have the same problem. In which community to post photoshopped images? Photoshop...pings? Any idea?

So here's just the black and white photo, a couple training their puppy in the middle of the cycle lane under the fluffy cotton clouds. Taken with my ancient Huawei P9 and with it's black and white camera, so I have no original color photo because I'm learning to take better black and white photos.


Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 30 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

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