Monomad Challenge #8 - Routine in pictures, from coffee to hanging out with friends

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I love coffee, I drink coffee almost every day, even though there are suggestions to stop drinking coffee, maybe one day I will stop, for now I don't think it's time. Here are some coffee pictures I took between my daily routine.






I also like the smell of fragrances, guess what, the air freshener that I pin on the wall also smells of coffee.



At the end of the day, working and hanging out with friends can treat stress and also build friendship.


This is my entry for the #monomad challenge hosted and curated by @monochromes.


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Happy Birthday to the Hive Community

Hi there, thank you for stopping by, I didn't know about this community on HIVE, it would be interesting if I wrote down my experience of enjoying coffee every now and then.

Hello @ikibaru-san
It's a fairly new community, and since everyone loves coffee, it's growing quickly :)
Yes, we would be happy to hear about your coffee experiences, so please feel free to subscribe and drop by anytime :)