Monomad Challenge #11 - Fire Accident

in Black And Whitelast month

No one likes calamities, for example losing their home, a home that uses as a place of shelter and gathering with their families. Home is a place to return to, to knit up, and gather energy with the family. Home is a very valuable treasure.

There is a saying that fire, when still small is often used as a toy, but if it gets bigger it will be a very difficult opponent to beat.

The rubble of the house that turned ash and black, is very sad to remember, but life must go on, the wheel of life must keep moving. We only lost properties, but we still alive, we are still given the opportunity to contemplate and collect back the belongings that have been burnt by the fire.

There is always a good side to disaster, actually, I don't want to use these images as content, but this can be used as a lesson for anyone who wants to learn.








This is my entry for the #monomad challenge.