This is my entry for the #monomad challenge

in Black And Whitelast month

It's been a while since i posted a B&W picture up here. I made some pictures as an assignment December last year in the smithy museum and i just made a new post about it.

Here is the best image of the day in B&W.

Nieuwkoop  25.jpg

I wanted the sparks fly of it, that was a nice challenge because i didn't know the speed of the sparks and i wanted to keep the model sharp. Lucky me after 30 pictures or so in burst mode this came out :D Very happy with that. Go and compai it with my other post! Do you like the color version or the B&W version of it?

Here some other pictures of that shoot in B&W.

Nieuwkoop  14.jpg

Nieuwkoop  20.jpg

Nieuwkoop  23.jpg

Nieuwkoop  28.jpg

Nieuwkoop  5.jpg

Nieuwkoop  8.jpg

Nieuwkoop  9.jpg

Nieuwkoop  12.jpg


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Thank you :)

this is fantastic storytelling

Thats a very great compliment, find the real difficult to do some story telling.

my pleasure !

Congratulations. Today's #monomad second place is yours. Thank You very much for participating.

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Thank you so much :D