A Unharmed Wrist on a Rainy Day | Stories Behind Photographs

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"Cry with me Oh dear skies
help me cry this pain inside
before another year comes to an end
help me release this pain"

The story of this photo is one of sorrow. After many years of saying so many goodbyes to my loved ones that emigrated because of my Country falling apart in a severe crisis, a thought in my head appeared "harm yourself". The thought became stronger day by day, and year by year. It came to a moment I looked around and I couldn't see anyone by my side; I was alone in a sinking ship, but I wasn't the captain just a sailor who didn't know how to swim.

I thought how, where, and what to use. All I needed was to act, yet from the most unexpected origin, another voice came. This was more subtle and warm. It was a whisper filtered through the noises of life, "choose to stay". This photo is a testimony, of the day I chose to stay. An unharmed wrist under the rain. Maybe the skies helped me cry my pain, and that kept in this world a little longer.
I love rain.

Stories behind Photographs

This story is not real. It is part of an initiative to create stories with photos we have taken and change their meaning. I chose drama as an explanation for this one, yet I am just a pluviophilic person and there is no sorrow behind this photo.

Redmi note 7 Camera
ISO 100
ET 17264s


Historia emotiva y triste.
Me gusto la frase: "elije quedarte por fa"
Un abrazo.