Vintage decorations on Black and white 📷 Monomad Challenge

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As usual, on daily monomad Challenge I would like to contribute my entry to the Challenge!

Thank for @brumest and @monochromes for awesome community challenge initiative.

I Saw Vintage decorations in one of Coffee shop at my city. It's looks so classic and I put it for my entry of Monomad Challenge, hope you enjoy it!

1617971607235 (1).jpg

1617971607268 (1).jpg

1617971607262 (1).jpg

1617971607256 (1).jpg

1617971607280 (1).jpg

1617971607293 (1).jpg

1617971607201 (1).jpg

1617971607249 (1).jpg

CameraSmartphone Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC
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