A Letter To Me In 2019

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@melinda010100 tagged me in her 'A Letter To Me In 2019' post so I figured I'd play along and write one too. I've written letters to my future self before but never one to my past self so this should be interesting.

gas mask and gun.jpg

Dear Colonel,

We are writing to you from the far side of 2020 with some information that you might like to know. I know this sounds a bit cliche but the interwebs is to blame for this. Anyways, here's the lowdown on 2020.

First and foremost: Get a gas mask! For several different reasons this will prove to be a much needed item in 2020, be sure to get you one and stockpile some filters for it. Speaking of stockpiling, 2020 is going to wind up being a bit more lively than you suspect so why don't you just plan on stockpiling the necessities like toilet paper and ammo.

Second, you need to copyright the phrases "social distancing" and "stop the steal". It would take too long to explain why but trust me when I say that you will be thoroughly sick of them by the time 2020 is over, might as well make some money off of the annoyance :)

crystalcherokee bw s.jpg

2020 is going to be something of a shitshow, with lots of protests and police and a pandemic thrown in for good measure. People will be losing their shit for some of the wildest reasons, from masks to mail in ballots, and everything will be quite topsy-turvy. However it is not all to the bad, along with the pandemic comes a pandemic partner and plenty of good times to more than offset the bad.

Crystal Mitchell Hill lake 1 s bw.jpg

Time will do weird things in 2020, alternating between taking forever to pass and disappearing in a flash. It will also alternate between periods of great boredom and great excitement, but don't expect too much in the mundane department. Even the boring times will be weird because you'll be on lockdown or quarantine and not be able to indulge in the usual boredom relievers.

Police Chopper & HQ s.jpg

There will be lots of police and helicopters in 2020, along with some run ins with militia types as well, so be sure to keep your powder dry and your pieces clean.

Threepers 2 bw s.jpg

I'd offer more in the way of advice but there's not much you can do to change how 2020 will go, pretty much the best I can do is warn you to be ready for things to get wild and fast and be ready for it all to drop into the pot without warning. Since you can't do more than be ready I recommend that you just enjoy the good times that come your way and don't worry too much about what's coming next.

fire bw.jpg

That's enough out of me in 2020 but I am going to tag a few others to play along. @ dandays @galenkp @bigtom13 @scubahead, I'm interested to see what y'all would have to say! Just use the #mein2019 tag when you post.


Good thing I actually read your content cuz another thing you did in 2020 was improperly tag me.

Thanks for thinkin of me, Colonel. Mine has Brexit in it too. I'll tell you about it. Who's this chick in the photos?

I'll take a page out of your book and blame autokorrect. I'm lookin forward to hearing about the Brexit. Speaking of which, can you believe they actually signed a trade deal? I was fully expecting them to crash out.

That's my pandemic partner, they've been with me for almost all of the protests and many other photo adventures. They're a hell of a photographer too but I've yet to get'em on the hive.

Oh boy... if someone in 2019 could really read that, they would ask "what the hell you are smoking dude?" :D

You ain't kidding, but that just about sums up 2020 don't it? I'm pretty sure 2019 me wouldn't believe 2020 me if I told them what was going to happen anyways, it has been one hell of a year.

Yea it was. Very memorable for all the wrong reasons.
Shame things just don't finish just like that with the change to 2021.

That would be lovely but I'm afraid we're not going to be that lucky.

Those photos and that letter! If I got that from myself I would have a difficult time believing myself.

Lol! I probably would have trouble believing it myself but that's why I included the photos. Then again there's not been much about this year that I would have believed if you'd told me in advance, even with evidence.

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Certainly lots of ups and down in 2020, apart from Covid you guys got the election and BLM which rippled all over the world. Crazy times during peace time to say the least

You ain't kidding! There were a few times where it felt like we were on the knife's edge between peacetime and civil war around here. Three three definitely combined to make for a wild and unpredictable ride.

Hi there @coloneljethro , @dandays sent me. I have been checking out the #blackandwhite community and giving it my best shot at b/w photography. You caught some excellent pix. Your cover was a summation of the shit show that was 2020 .

Nuff said.

I'll be checking out your work. Have a real celebration on New Year's Eve and say bye-bye to 2020...burn in hell.

@dandays is stirring up trouble again? Thank you! 2020 has been in a league of its own, it can't end soon enough as far as I am concerned.

You too, Happy New Year dammit!

Yup, you have to watch that guy, @dandays, he 's been known to stir the "pot" or burn it. 😊

Let me know if he doesn't appeal to you @farm-mom and I'll rethink my position.

Danget! I just fixed a typo and accidentally erased half the comment.

Muy buena iniciativa... Vernos en el hoy para hablar en el ayer...

Time will do weird things in 2020, alternating between taking forever to pass and disappearing in a flash.

aINT THAT THE TRUTH! I definitely would stockpile toilet paper - Australians be like:


Love the photos - stunning, stunning, stunning!

You forgot to buy shares in Zoom.

Love this. I'm writing my own now. So glad to be looking over my shoulder at the year from hell.