A field full of flowers- my entry for the #Monomad challenge

Well hello there to all of you colourful and creative people in the #blackandwhite community here for the magnificent #monomads challenge so kindly created by @monochromes!

This is my entry for the latest #monomads challenge and I thought that I'd experiment with some flowers and take the fun out of them to see what happens in B&W.

These images were taken (by me ofcourse) at #Floriade Tulip Festival in Canberra just over 3 years ago.

I hope that you enjoy them and don't have as many mixed feeling about taking the colour- the life- the joy and the pure beauty out of them as I do.

And in saying that, just imagine if this was the world that we lived in. And in many respects, unfortunately it is.

monomad floriade6.jpg

monomad floriade6.png

monomad floriade5.jpg

monomad floriade5.png

monomad floriade2.jpg

monomad floriade2.jpg.png


I wish every single one of you who ever you are, where ever you are and what ever you are doing a very safe and happy new year filled with love, peace, health, success and abundance this coming new year and every near year after that! (unless you're cruel to animals, then that's a whole other blog....)


If you have made it this far, then you are absolute champions and I thank you so much for reading my blog tonight and I hope that you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


❤️❤️❤️All love and support in whatever way is greatly appreciated❤️❤️❤️

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And unless otherwise stated- ALL photographs, are all my originals taken by me sometime in the past decade or so somewhere in my travels and as such, ofcourse they are subject to all international IP and copyright laws and I may have already used them for my own commercial purposes here https://www.redbubble.com/people/CHOCOLATESCORPI/shop And here https://fineartamerica.com/art/chocolatescorpi, So please ask first if you want to use any of them as we wouldn't want you getting into trouble. Thank you 😊



Black and white does give quite the perspective. Sometimes, it can be very interesting, like in your first picture. I have to agree with you that I like the color better. People in black and white photography are interesting as it often takes about ten years off of how old they look. I could use some of that, lol! Take care and thanks for sharing!💜

Yeah I think that portraits and some landscapes look great in B&W and maybe some very detailed flower petals or leaves, but not so much in flowers in general I don't think...Oh well it was a good experiment...🤣🤔

It was! Black and white TV's used to be all the rage (waaaaay back, lol). I remember them. Take care @chocolatescorpi!

YEah lolll- B&W tvs used to be all the rage back then cause there was no other choice!

Going through mum's old recipe books from the 70 and 80s today mostly B&W in the 70s and colour in the 80's and what a difference that makes!

Indeed! Now, just look at what we can do with editing! Who would have thought?!

Take care!

Yeah so true!
I LOVE the digital world and have only gotten into it the past 15 years though.

I find it fun, challenging at times, and frustrating too. What an oxymoron, lol! Take care!💜

Yeah- all of the above too! You take care too hon!