My Entry To @monomad Challenge: "The Doors To Afrika"

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The Doors To Afrika

This one I caught in Asilah, Morocco in January 2020

Asilah was the third place in Morocco which I've visited. It is a small touristic town in the North-West of Morocco, on the Atlantic coast. It was the 1st time in my life that I've seen the Atlantic ocean. I was there out of season & it was really a calm & comfortable place to be. On this photo you can see a store selling hand-made stuff - jugs & plates knitted from the outside. This technique of knitting the glass & ceramic jugs is very useful cause it makes the jugs firmer & protects them from breaking. In Croatia we still use the same technique but not with the threads or ropes in colors, only the natural color of ropes in maritime areas or in the color of the special shrubs in the continental areas - the same shrubs which are used to make baskets. But it's every day less & less people who know how to knit the "shirt" for jugs here in my beautiful Croatia.

Of course, I must post the original photo in colors, cause it's Afrika & Africa has loads of colors!

This shot even looks kind of better in colors but cause of the many patterns, it looks great in b&w too!

Recently I've published the newest #travelogue from this voyage of mine & you can read it on the following link:

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I'm in the faze of writing texts & editing the photos to create a travel monograph & also editing the videos to create a documentary movie.

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Great to see that you appreciate the all the work that goes into TravelFeed :) Did you already see the app that I just released?

Hello @careassaktart and thank you for your #monomad participation.
Kindly read our contest rules 🙂

Yes, I did read! What did I do wrong this time? 😅

We ask everyone to have at least 50% of the post black and white 🙂

OK, next time I'll do better! 😉 Sorry

Or should I edit this post & change my selfportrait into b&w?

It look amazing in black and white as well as colored. Thanks for sharing

Thanks fo stopping by!