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She landed in suburbia ... a couple of years ago ...


... and now she's sharing the house with a friend of mine.


Although this extraterrestrial cat can breathe quite good here on earth ... she likes to wear her old space helmet ...


... especially in front of the guests.


Here you can see Pepitza, that's her earthly name, without the helmet ...


... posing on some fine shoes and elegant boots.


Some people from that suburban neighborhood don't believe in Pepitza's extraterrestrial origin. They have another theory. Something about a secret North Korean space program ... that never reached the orbit ... but somehow ended up here ... on the earth again.


As always in these local Science Fiction reports, the photographs are my work ... MEOW MEOW (which means THE END in Pepitza's native language)


my dear friend, you are a bit of a pervert, for doing this to your kitty!


He,he ... no no I was just photographing :D but the cat likes these space stuff, the important thing is that is in the center of attention, it's a very extrovert cat. Could be doing great in movies and commercials if someone introduces her to that industry.

is in the center of attention, it's a very extrovert cat.

a-a!! what a lovely touch. now I understand. you have a golden treasure then. and still not tokenized well :)))

cheers - !BEER

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I love your concern, but I know @borjan would never hurt a cat, a dog, an ant, a snake... :)



it used to be about a glass sphere, snow in the water that we mix and watching it fall lightly, but this glass sphere is better :) I can have one like this on my closet to play he heh heheheheh : D

How nice to have extraterrestrial cat! I like it best when this being invited friends from outer space for a party!! Extraterrestrial cats and beings are very good at throwing parties!! You should see all the costumes they wear and the drinks they invent for friends!! LoL


Pepitza language is trending in katty's world 😁

She does look comfortable in that hemlet as a astronaut 😃

:D Ready to go at some Star Trek convention.

Hahaha Pepitza is so ASTROCOOL!!!


Great sci-fi plot. !!
It is a beautiful cat.

Thanks :) Meow!

No way! :DDD