Self-portraits taken next to a window in our studio, which little by little became a pantry of paintings, paint jars, racks, wood, folders with drawings, rolls of various types of paper, bottles with chemicals to develop films, frames, tools, seeds, food, ... But we have a great gallery and that's where I paint and I like it more than the studio.

This is my entry for #monomad by @monochromes




Long exposure - Sel-portraits
Digital photography
Bárbara Bezina ♥

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Oh that sofa looks like a pile of rocks! I love your double exposure or whatever you call that in photography! XD It's just so hauntingly beautiful, different from the normal black and whites. It adds so much feelings to it.

Yes, it's what I like to do the most in photography, long exposures, which is not the same as double exposures but they can also be combined. You can do incredible things!
That sofa has a blanket woven by an old woman with wool from here, it weighs a lot!