Monomad Challenge: Quantitative Methods - Picturesque Finance


Yes, I'm taking you back to school in my entry for the #monomad challenge. The first picture was taken on Thursday when we were revising for the Quantitative Methods exam that we did yesterday. Although the course had been quite the pain in the arse in general, the exam went much better than expected.

Sun kind of Obstructing.

And this brings us to something I've been wondering about for some time now. Are there any blockchains out there whose sole purpose is to deal with quantitative applications/calculations and other complex financial functions? If not, are there any in the works?

If any of the above then I guess it's been about time we really worry about automation. and knowing that I'll need a job in the financial sector sooner rather than later, but also being into crypto/blockchain and aware of how much opportunities they will keep providing, I got mixed feelings about it all.

Anyway, the picture below was also taken during our revision session only this time it was our designated professor obstructing me. Smh

And the last photo because you never know when you'll need a random picture for a hive post.

All pictures were taken with my Huawei P Smart smartphone.