Day with the trees

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I was kinda saving these for Tree Tuesday, then I kinda missed it! 😕

It was here.... all edited, halfway drafted.... and then sat here for the rest of Tuesday ~ sighhh!

Well, let's just say I'm early for next Tuesday... lol

This is for #TreeTuesday, an original idea by @old-guy-photos
Been awhile since I've posted for this... but I've never forgotten these tags

A prelude to looking at the photos....
I took a walk ~ ooohhhh, this works for #WednesdayWalk by @tattoodjay too!

Okey... I took a walk around my apartment and just breathed... and enjoyed the trees... - I took many more shots, will maybe share those later...


Looks misty but someone was burning some dry leaves
which lent this smoky (read 'misty') ambience...
I thought it looked cool with the slightly abandoned look of trees, lake and sunshine filtering through the leaves
This looks across the small lake to the neighbouring property


Shot this looking into the sunshine,
trying to catch the sunburst
You can see more of the smoky effects here...


Some of the sunny 'action'...
Or is it starburst?
this time in colour, through the trees
...golden light....


Some melancholia...
in sepia
Leaf patterns on the water


More evening sunshine through the trees
Heyyy, more sunburst


The other thing I like...
is looking up into the sky...
Lots of tree tops here
"Oh, what a tangled web we weave..."


...against the pale blue sky...


And then, as twilight falls
silhouettes stark dark against the soft dying light in the sky
I say my goodnight...

Captured with SONY Xperia M5 | ©images & text my own | click image for full screen view
Posting this for #monomad by #monochromes ~ original ideas by @brumest

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Oh what a lovely walk through the trees, love how the light falls gently between the leaves, yes both days are amazing to join in with and have missed quite a few as well.

Have a wonderful day @ackhoo

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I did totally enjoy that walk... been awhile for me! :)
Thank you very much, @joanstewart ~ Happy Wednesday to you! 🧡

My patience of walking the dog in a park is running out, soon I will just go. So glad to see you took the plunge and did get out @ackhoo

I think you should... especially non-crowded places...
We've been relatively ok - allowed to dine at eateries and restaurants, so that's where we are out to most, and for groceries. That's about it. But (always a "but") we seem to be facing a second (or third) wave... sighhh... Here we go again, another round... :(

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 15 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thank you, pix! :)

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Hi @ackhoo ! These photos look amazing.

Thank you, @ssygmr

Really cool shots it all blends in beautifully with the surrounding compositions nicely done 👍

Awww, thank you! :)

My pleasure @ackhoo 😊

Oh dear these are extraordinary photos. I really like!

Thank you... am most pleased! :)