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What a nice way to promote a game that looking at it like that, if it is very intimately related to life itself and our interaction with those around us. I love that similarity and the breadth of this community in terms of welcoming people who play with creativity and test it as much in terms of the game as in terms of life itself and its emotions. I loved this writing and this vision. I remember that my father did not earn much money, but one of the games he bought me was precisely a Lego because he said that it would encourage my creativity as a person. He made dollhouses and people who were not very pretty, but who made up my childhood world for that game at that beautiful time. I'll keep an eye out for that story. Thanks for always sharing interesting things with great content, dear @galenkp. I wish you a beautiful weekend and give you a big hug.


Thank you.

The first post I did for the Lego Community didn't work out because I tagged it incorrectly - Dumb huh? So I decided, prompted by @brickmanbrad, to do this one and pin it to the Community feed for all to read.

It would be good to see more Lego people come in, but we wanted to invite anyone posting about Lego to do so, and to engage in comments too.

Thanks for your nice words. Have a great weekend.


I think I will dare to tell my childhood Lego story, even if I don't have original photos I think it would be a nice experience. Thank you for responding. Happy weekend too... @galenkp

Sounds like a good plan. Anything Lego-oriented is welcome. 😊

(I wish someone world invent a Lego emoji.)

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